VersionRelease DateHighlightsRelease Notes March 2024
  • Customer Portal for single login page for Customers and Members
  • MCO Customer Portal – to allow for easier navigation between facilities
  • Requiring Credit Card for certain days of the week
  • Enhanced League Checkin process
  • Bug fixes and workflow enhancements
Release Video
Release Notes February 2024
  • Improved Speed of Club Caddie I-Frames
  • Clover Processing speed enhancements with Tip before inserting the card
  • System Speed Enhancements – Increased efficiency when loading the Activities Module, using Pull Tabs in the Register
  • Noteefy as a Channel Partner
  • Top and Bottom Banners for the “View Live Tee Sheet” in Member Portal
Release Video
Release Notes January 2024
  • New Clover Processing workflow
  • Charging Tabs to Events – Event Ledgers
  • New Online Membership Application
  • Meal Coursing
  • Modifier Upcharge after a certain amount of selections
Release Video
Release Notes December 2023
  • Adding Tips directly on Ingenico Lane credit card readers
  • Cancellation Window for Tee Times and Activity Bookings
  • Tee Sheet Banner Notes
  • Blended Rates for Activity Bookings
  • Terminal Setting for requiring a Customer when starting a Tab by selecting a Table
  • Display Sequence for Categories in the Register
Release Video
Release Notes November 2023
  • Color coding on by Class on the Tee Sheet
  • F&B Modifier enhancements- “Forced Modifiers” and additional Modifier options
  • Cost + % Discounts
  • Saving Credit Cards for future use for Online Bookings
  • Separating Out ACH and Credit Card payments in Reports
  • Rate Map on Tee Sheet – shows lowest and highest available Rates for a given Tee Time
Release Video
Release Notes October 2023
  • Online Payment links for Events
  • Advanced receipt printing options on a Terminal basis
  • Refunded Transactions now show the original Transaction’s OrderID
  • Mapping different Tax Types to different Chart of Accounts
  • Improved processing speeds on Clover devices
  • New field for Invoice Number when Receiving Inventory
Release Video
Release Notes September 2023
  • PIN Lock / Pull Tabs enhancement
  • Naming Class Rates / multi-assigning Classes to one Rate
  • Gratuity button in the Tools section of the Register
  • Larger cells in the Starter Sheet for easier viewing / use with Touchscreen
  • Partial Refunds for Event Deposits
  • Time Filter in the Sales by Department Report
Release Video
Release Notes August 2023
  • New UI for CardConnect 3P Setting
  • Group Bookings (more than 4 Players) on the Tee Sheet
  • New Activity Reports and GL Mapping
  • Multiple Price Points for Online Events
  • Setting to require a Chart of Accounts for a Membership Ledger Adjustment
  • Global-View Sub-Groups
Release Notes July 2023
  • New F&B Feature – Tab Sync between Terminals
  • Clover Payments Report
  • Receipt enhancements
  • Golf and Activity Rate Management enhancements
Release Notes June 2023
  • Receive Inventory enhancements
  • League Event Deposits from Register bug fix
  • Member Portal enhancements
  • Improved Register workflows – Tips Manager and Gift Cards
Release Notes May 2023
  • Employee Close-Out Report
  • Turn Times Only Block on the Tee Sheet
  • Tying Instructors/Lessons to other Resources in the Activities Module
  • KDS load/speed enhancements
Release Notes April 2023
  • Holiday Rates for the Tee Sheet
  • New setup for Class Rates
  • Optional Setting to require a credit/debit card to store on file for Online Bookings, even if the prepay percentage for Online Bookings is set to 0%
  • Critical Impact marketing integration enhancements
  • F&B Register workflow enhancements
Release Notes March 2023
  • Punch Card enhancements – for total Usage across multiple Rates
  • Starter / Tee Sheet enhancements – showing start, turn, and end times on the Tee Sheet
  • Specifying if a Member wants a physical Invoice to be mailed to them, in addition to an email Invoice
  • Optional Tee Sheet Setting to allow Customers to select what 9 they are booking into through the Online Booking Engine
  • Multiple Barcodes per Item
Release Notes February 2023
  • Ability to take Deposits for Activity Leagues from the Register for individual Players
  • Activity Module Booking enhancements
  • New Report – Sales by Month by SKU
  • Member Portal enhancements
  • Online registration for League Events
Release Notes January 2023
  • Activity Leagues – Schedule generation
  • Clover processing integration – swipe a card to start a Tab
  • Clover processing integration – additional Receipt options
  • Round-Up to Charity – new Register Setting
  • My Tee Times – Players 2-4 can cancel their own individual Tee Time
Release Notes December 2022
  • Mobile App Builder for white-label App clients
  • QuickBooks Online direct sync integration
  • Critical Impact marketing integration
  • Accept and Send to Kitchen/Bar Printers for On-Demand Orders
  • Online Activity Bookings – ability to select which Resource to book into
Release Notes November 2022
  • Tip Sharing/Pooling – by dollar amount or percentage
  • Tips Ledger by Employee – showing Tips that have been shared
  • Awards Program/Voucher Adjustments
  • Leagues for the Activities Module
  • Formatting enhancements to Pull Tabs in Register
Release Notes October 2022
  • Negative Quantities in the Register for Exchanges
  • Enhancement for Refunding Vouchers/Gift Cards
  • Minimum Spend Rule Receipts enhancement
  • Reporting export/paging enhancements
  • Event Function Sheet enhancements
Release Notes September 2022
  • Major Food and Beverage enhancement – the ability to see all Tabs in the Register regardless of which Terminal they were started at
  • Common Group Modifiers
  • My Activity Bookings – just like My Tee Times for golf, but for the Activities Module – in the Member Portal and white-label Mobile App
  • Punch Cards now show in the Member Portal
  • Reporting load time enhancements
Release Notes August 2022
  • Voucher Balance Receipts
  • Custom Discount Report
  • Invoice Report Enhancements
  • Group Modifiers/Modifier Categories
  • Clover Processing Integration – printing receipts from the Clover device
Release Notes 22 July 2022
  • New Feature: Punch Cards for Golf Rates
  • Clover Processing Integration – sign and tip on the Clover device
  • Membership Billing Report enhancements – Expanded View on export
  • Turn Times for Group Reservations on the Tee Sheet
  • Yep Integration – on-demand video conferencing
Release Notes June 2022
  • Member Portal – can now view and book into the Live Tee Sheet
  • Online Voucher Sale enhancement
  • Customer/Member Profile enhancements
  • Sign and Tip on-screen enhancement for single payment method Transactions
  • Mobile App bookings – can now search for and add other Customers/Members
Release Notes May 2022
  • Individual Member Invoicing and Charging, rather than a Club-wide Billing and Charge date
  • 27 Hole Rotation Schedule for online bookings
  • Setting to have confirmation emails turned off by default
  • Ability to have different Tax Types on a Service Charge on an individual Item Level
  • New Report – Paid/Unpaid Invoices
  • Can now Duplicate Events from within the Events Module
  • Clock In/Out Report enhancements
  • Online Voucher sale enhancements
  • Members can now make payments on their Member Account via ACH in the Member Portal
Release Notes April 2022
  • Sign and Tip on Screen by Terminal Location with complete paperless functionality for table side service, tablets in the golf shop, beverage cart, and other mobile POS needs.
  • PIN Lock Timer
  • System Log Out Timer
  • Kitchen Display System enhancements
  • Ability to sell and redeem Gift Cards/Vouchers online
  • Custom Banners with text and pictures on all I-Frames
  • Multiple Kitchen/Bar Printer stations
  • Revenue Ticker, Member Ledger Adjustments, Loyalty Adjustments, and all items in the Tools section of the Register can now be controlled through Manage Roles
  • Numerous Customer Profile enhancements
  • Reporting enhancements
  • Customer Receipt enhancements
  • Online Event Registrants can now be exported
Release Notes March 2022
  • Department-Specific Vouchers
  • GL Code Journal Entry Setup by Terminal Location
  • Range Servant SelectPi range ball dispenser integration
  • Setting to require a Customer to enter their PIN for Debit Transactions
Release Notes February 2022
  • All Payment Types can now be considered against Minimum Spend Rules
  • Optional Text Message Confirmations for Tee Time and Activity Bookings
  • Divide Pay now works with Magtek devices
  • Enhancements to the Online Booking process for the Activities Module
Release Notes January 2022
  • Ability to set, 15, 30, or 60-minute intervals in Activities
  • Activities booking is available from within the mobile app and web iframe responsive to mobile devices
  • Booking and online booking windows available for both rack and class rule rates for activities
  • Membership – Setting to control the Default Setting for the Charge Account to be ON.
  • Golf Leagues Roster Management System
  • After a customer signs up for the app, they get an automated email telling them their username and e-mail that is on file.
Release Notes January 2022
  • Specify if a Class is available for online sale
  • Online Tee Time booking enhancement
  • Service Charge now shows in Customer Spend by Department Report
  • New filter in Sales by Department Report – by Employee
Release Notes December 2021
  • New Credit Card Processing integration – CardConnect
  • Class Rates for Activities
  • Blocks/Instructions for Activities
  • Automatic Tee Sheet confirmation emails
  • Member Invoice/Ledger enhancements- Custom Statement generation
  • Reporting enhancements
Release Notes November 2021
  • New Module – Venue Management
  • Public I-Frame for online Activity booking
  • Export Event Calendar to PDF
  • Event Function Sheet download Enhancements
  • Server Banking Summary Report Enhancement
  • Credit Book Enhancement
Release Notes October 2021
  • Advanced Customer Grouping – Automatic Class Segmentation
  • Direct email communication through the Customer/Member Profile
  • Send Push Button Notifications to promote Events and Bulletin Board Posts
  • New Module – Starter Sheet
  • Inventory Audit Enhancements
  • Indigo Golf – Automated MIR Report
Release Notes September 2021
  • Membership Directory in the Member Portal
  • All Payment Methods now show in the Purchase History Tab of the Member Portal
  • Kitchen Display System (KDS) Enhancement – now shows all Seats individually
  • General UI Enhancements
Release Notes August 2021
  • Online Bookings for the Activities Module (Lessons, Simulators, Tennis Courts, Tables, etc.) through the Member Portal
  • Set Flags for regular Customers and not just members
  • Separate Journal Entries for different types of Events
  • Optional Setting to require a Manager Override to perform a second Day End Closing at the same Terminal
  • Ability to toggle On or Off Late Fees on an individual Member basis
  • Brown Golf – Trend Report
Release Notes August 2021
  • Set Effective Dates for Classes and Minimum Spend Rules in the Future
  • Member Portal Vouchers Tab – Members can see all open Vouchers that are tied to their profile
  • Failed Auto-Pay Report
  • Comparative Period vs. Period Sales Report
  • On-Hand Report Enhancement
  • Public I-Frame for checking Voucher Balances
  • Open Vouchers now appear in the payment screen when processing a Transaction
Release Notes July 2021
  • Ability to create multiple Credit book-holding accounts
  • Void and Re-Open – Void a Transaction and then “Re-Open” that tab in the Register
  • Mass Member Adjustments – Select all Members or a group of Members and issue all of them a Ledger Adjustment at the same time
  • New I-Frame for the Bulletin Board – so that it can be posted on a customer-facing page on a facility website
  • Customizable Member Portal Headers
  • Membership Late Fees can now be a flat dollar amount, rather than just a percentage
  • Tee Sheet Reporting enhancement for Group Bookings
Release Notes July 2021
  • Major New F&B Feature #4 – Tables can be broken into sub-tabs for seats
  • New Register Setting for the Item Modifier popup to automatically appear when an Item with a forced modifier is selected in the Register
  • Ability to “Pin” Posts to the top of the Bulletin Board
  • Touchscreen Keyboard enhancements for tablets and touchscreen monitors
  • New GL Report for a simpler, easier way to check GL Accounts by Transactions
  • Copy and Paste multiple Tee Times on the Tee Sheet
  • Customers’ Age shows in Customer Profile
Release Notes June 2021
  • Add Notes in the Member Portal when booking Tee Times (for additional Player Names, special instructions, etc.)
  • Additional options for requiring a Manager Override PIN to delete Items from Tabs in the Register
  • Improved UI in Member Portal
  • Removed Processing Fees from Classes that do not have one associated with them on Member Invoices
  • Ability to set the “Opening Time” for Online Tee Time Bookings
Release Notes 5 June 2021
  • Major New Tee Sheet Feature #1 – Drastically improved way to create Rack Rates so that each Rate has a clearly distinguished breakdown of Green Fee vs Cart Fee
  • Major New F&B Feature #3 – Price Scheduling for Inventory Items – the ability to set different prices for a given Inventory Item depending on the time of year, day of week, time of day
  • Bulletin Board Feature – Ability to create “Posts” from the Customers Module that will appear on the Course Website, Member Portal, and Mobile Application
  • Optional Setting to Print Cart Agreement Receipts
  • Online Events now show in the Member Portal
  • Reporting Enhancements
Release Notes May 2021
  • Major New F&B Feature #1 – Employee PIN Lock
  • Major New F&B Feature #2 – On-Demand Mobile Ordering from White Label smartphone application
  • “Pay by Wallet” from Quick Pay in Tee Sheet
  • MagTek credentials by Terminal Location
  • Reporting Enhancements
  • Member Invoice Enhancements
Release Notes April 2021
  • Tee Sheet color-coding enhancements for improved visibility
  • Member Profile/Membership Portal Enhancements
  • Receive Inventory Enhancements
  • New Report – Stored Card Expiration Date Report
  • Setting a maximum number of groups that can be made per online booking engine (eg, one group per slot)
Release Notes March 2021
  • New backend architecture for improved load times for Reports
  • Excel/PDF export enhancements for Reports
  • Register search enhancements
  • Copy/Paste Group Reservations on the Tee Sheet
  • Global-View enhancements (switching between different courses)
Release Notes February 2021
  • Set limits for Member spending on their Membership Account
  • Customer File tab in Customer/Member Profile – upload any type of document/attachment and save it to their profile
  • Use a saved credit card on file for Split Pay transactions
  • Open Drawer Report – see the timestamp and the Employee that was logged into Club Caddie when the “Open” button was clicked on in the Register
  • Edit a Tee Time in the Register after it has been Checked In from the Tee Sheet
Release Notes January 2021
  • The tax-exempt option in the Register is now a setting
  • Enhancement to adjust turn time when Dragging/Dropping Tee Times on the Tee Sheet
  • Class Management enhancements
  • Inventory Management enhancements
  • Tee Sheet performance enhancements
Release Notes December 2020
  • Upgraded to 64 Bit architecture for improved application performance
  • Late Fee configuration includes automated finance charges for past-due balances
  • User Permission by Sub-Department in Manage Roles
  • Sales by Department Report can now be filtered by Sales by Employee
  • Credit Book Enhancements
  • Condensed paper Receipt when the “Receipt” button is clicked on in the Register
Release Notes December 2020
  • Tee Time Captains – Tee Times that are Split Reserved show the Anonymous Guests as “Guest of [Name of Player that booked the Tee Time]” in Notes
  • Membership Enhancements to Minimum Spend Module
  • Check Member Balances from the Tools section in Register
  • Optional setting to print receipts showing member spending against minimums
  • Minimum spend balances are available from the Members Portal and mobile app
  • Mass Credit Book Distribution – Ability to distribute multiple Credit Books at one time
  • Wallets – Storing saved methods of payment on file for all Customers, not just Members
  • Filter order history by sales by employee in the Sales Module
  • When searching for a Customer in Voucher Deposit, you can now select between different Vouchers that are associated with one Customer
  • Membership Invoice Enhancements
Release Notes November 2020
  • Tee Sheet Performance / Memory Optimization Enhancements
  • Export Sales by Department Report to PDF in Municipal Course requested format
  • Enhancement to Sales Tax Detail Report – non-taxed Items
  • Enhancement to Member tab – Filter by Member Class
  • Split/Divide Pay with added Custom Payment Method option
  • Sales Tax Detail Report now shows Member Ledger Adjustments made to the Sales Tax Account
  • Bulk Export All Member Invoices in One Click
  • GL Code Report can now be broken out by Terminal Location
  • Initials Auto Populate in Reservations Window
Release Notes November 2020
  • Enhanced compatibility with Legacy First American MagTek swipe readers
  • Enhancement to Sales Detail by Department Report – “Include Category”
  • Export Sales Details by Department to PDF in Municipal Course format
  • New Membership Type Change Report
Release Notes October 2020
  • Tee Times as Inventory – the ability to assign a Green Fee and any inventory item to a Rate and report out a single sale individually
  • Custom Payment methods can now also be applied as tips
  • Group Reservations, Golf Leagues, and Outings blocked on the Heat Map
  • Member Portal – notes from Orders now appear on the receipt
  • Split/Divide Pay receipts now show the Customer Name and the last 4 digits if multiple Credit/Debit Cards are used
  • Tips Summary Report includes Service Charge added by Employee
  • All Transactions are tied to an employee by login or pin
Release Notes October 2020
  • Tee Sheet, Event, and Member Integration with Club Caddie Mobile
  • Heat Map on Tee Sheet
  • Online Booking Window in Tee Sheet Settings
  • Sales Reports now show individual Item SKU’s
  • Events – can now Search for Inventory Items for the Menu and Add-Ons tabs
  • Add Inventory enhancements
  • Custom I-Frame colors for Online Booking Engine, Online Events
Release Notes September 2020
  • Quarterly and Annual Minimums for Members
  • GL Code Report enhancements
  • New Report showing all Members that have a saved method of payment on file
  • Hide Inventory items in the Register
  • Custom Discounts in Register Settings
  • The search function in Split/Divide Pay for MembershipID
Release Notes August 2020
  • Enhancements to Credit Card Refunds before Batch settlement time
  • Member Invoice with itemized purchase details is now an optional setting
  • Receive Inventory Report
  • Voucher Payment and Paper Receipt enhancements
  • Recurring Special and Automated Blocks on Tee Sheet
  • A New Icon on the Tee Sheet to indicate Tee Times that have been made on today’s date
  • Active Membership Classes column in the Customers/Members Module
  • Date Filter in Vouchers Module
  • Tee Sheet speed / API enhancements
Release Notes August 2020
  • Credit book distribution enhancements
  • A color coding system to organize server tabs
  • Customer search functionality when issuing Vouchers
  • Ability to specify if a Member can have the option to charge Transactions to their Member Account
  • Overall speed Enhancements to Reports and Tee Sheet
Release Notes July 2020
  • Tax Exempt Option for Events
  • Wider Scroll Bar in Register
  • Last Name shows first on the Tee Sheet
  • Employee Name now shows in Void/Return Report
Release Notes July 2020
  • New Feature: Prepaid Prize Pools Tracking and Distribution (Credit Book)
  • Reloading Vouchers – Gift Cards, Refund Vouchers, Rain Checks, Credit Books
  • Round Breakdown Report now shows Average Daily Rounds
  • Rounds Played and Round Breakdown Reports now have Total lines
  • Repeating Tee Times for Members/Golfers with non-Member Classes
  • Tip entry Enhancements make it easier to enter server tips
Release Notes July 2020
  • Terminal-Location specific Syncs in QB
  • Active Rates Report
  • Re-Formatting of Tee Sheet Settings
  • Tee Times now show on Customer Receipts
  • Optional Automatic Service Charge on Inventory Items
  • Support Link Enhancements
  • Custom Text on Receipts
  • Golf Cart and Liability Waiver can be added to receipts
Release Notes June 2020
  • Assigning Different Types of Membership Adjustments to Different GL Codes / Quickbooks Chart of Accounts
  • Ability to add Tips to each payment method when using Split and Divide Pay
  • Tee Time Cancellation and Notes Report
  • In the Sales History Module, can now filter all sales by Location and/or by specific terminal
  • Cart Icon appears on Tee Sheet for all Tee Times that are booked with riding rates, even if cart number is not entered
  • In Pull Tabs in Register, can now see which Employee the Tab was initiated by
  • Inventory On-Hand Report can now be filtered by Department/Sub-Department/Category
Release Notes June 2020
  • Can Issue Rain Checks redeemable for golf only, in bulk and directly from the tee-sheet
  • Ability to “Un-Sync” days with QuickBooks integration and to date back to cover missed period
  • Modifier enhancements
  • Membership Billing Report enhancements
  • Exporting Reports from the Members Tab
  • Void/Return Report Enhancement – notes highlighting reasons for Void/Refund now show
  • Terminal Location includes “Drops” and “Bank Deposits” on the Daily Course Summary
  • Underneath the dashboard, reports are now alphabetized for quick access
Release Notes May 2020
  • Requiring a PIN to create a Quick Tab is now a Terminal-Specific Setting
  • Total Deposits Made has been added to Event Invoices before Final Payment
  • The Member List can now be exported to Excel
  • Serving methodology enhancements for restaurants where the server acts as its own bank
  • Added ability to transfer inventory from a different department, course, or entity to the receive inventory module
  • Label Printing – can now select which Label to start at on the Label Sheet
  • Inventory Center now shows whether or not Items are a Combo or Individual Item
  • From Tee Sheet, can “Un-Checkin” a Golfer and edit the Tee Time
Release Notes May 2020
  • Membership Adjustment Report
  • Itemized Receipts in Member Portal
  • Larger “Return Cash” in Register
  • Larger Font on Kitchen Receipts
  • Variance (Over/Short) now syncs with QuickBooks
  • Members with stored Credit Cards can now use those Cards to pay for Tabs in the Register
  • Enhanced Search functionality from Tee Sheet
Release Notes May 2020
  • Inventory Audit Enhancements
  • Cart numbers on Tee Sheet can now have Letters
  • Global-View Enhancements when Switching Courses
  • Daily Course Summary Enhancement
  • Overall Load Time improvements
Release Notes April 2020
  • Common Customers the MCOs – see all of the Customers in your Database from any Course
  • When paying for a Tab with a Membership ID, you can search for Members and automatically populate the corresponding ID
  • Email Receipts to Customers from the Sales Tab
  • Confirmation Emails from the Tee Sheet
  • New Communication Center – sending Event and Billing Invoices from a Course Admin
  • Custom Tender Types/Payment Methods
  • “Save All” in Inventory Audit
  • Gift/Refund Vouchers Tab in Customer Profile
Release Notes April 2020
  • Enhanced Special Blocks – 9 Holes only, 18 Holes only, no tee times, no online tee times
  • Optional setting to require employee PIN to create a “quick tab” in the register
  • Cut, Copy, and Paste Tee Times between days on the tee sheet
  • Enhanced Reservations Reports
  • New Gateway: Sound Payments – Greatly enhances EMV speeds for Credit/Debit card transactions
  • Tokenization of ACH information for recurring check charges
  • Cash Tip Reporting
  • The server is its own bank setting
Release Notes March 2020
  • Ability to Suspend and Restore Memberships
  • 27+ Hole Facilities can now specify which 9’s will be used for Golf Outings
  • Ability to add Custom Names for the Front, Middle, and Back 9’s on Tee Sheet
  • Enhancements to multiple Reports
  • Reservations Enhancements
Release Notes February 2020
  • Ability to merge two tabs into one tab in the register
  • Sales by Employee Report with cash tip earnings report
  • PDF Receipt Enhancements
  • Browser-Based Reports are available at clubcaddie. online
  • Customer Search Enhancements
Release Notes January 2020
  • Scheduled Times in the Reservations Module can now be Repeated as they can be from the tee sheet
  • Clock In/Out and Payroll Center Enhancements
  • Edit tips after they have been applied
  • Loyalty Program Enhancements
  • Golf Leagues can now be assigned to 3 different 9’s (27+ Hole Facilities)
Release Notes December 2019
  • Loyalty Points Program
  • Membership Portal Enhancements
  • Employee Timeclock Module (Internal Release Only)
  • Payroll Center (Internal Release Only)
Release Notes December 2019
  • Tee Sheet Blocks off Turn Times for 18-hole rounds
  • Multi-hour bookings for Lessons, Simulators, Etc.
  • Customer Event Invoices are automatically generated from the event builder
  • Event Builder Includes Floor Plan Manager
  • Hide Terminal Access to users in Role Manager
  • Hide Departments from users in Role Manager
Release Notes November 2019
  • Automated Customer and Member Discounts
  • Convenience Fee option for Credit/Debit Card transactions
  • Archive and Unarchive Events
  • General Ledger Report Enhancements
  • Quickbooks Enhancements
Release Notes November 2019
  • Reservation system for Tennis Courts, Basketball Courts, etc.
  • Divide and pay for Reservations – the total amount due is automatically divided evenly amongst a given number of players
  • General Ledger Report
  • Suggested Tip amount on Customer receipts
Release Notes October 2019
  • Minimum spend requirement rule (Monthly Member Minimums)
  • 27-hole facility capabilities – Front, Back, and Middle Tee Sheets
  • Auto-invoicing and email enhancements
  • Voiding order and tips improvements
  • Enhancements to Reports
  • The booking window for Rack Rates
Release Notes September 2019
  • MAJOR improvements to tee-sheet speed
  • Change rate type in register module directly in cart
  • Change the background color of items in the register
  • Tip receipt improvements
  • Unarchive customer
  • Auto-Invoice enhancements
  • Report load time improvements
Release Notes September 2019
  • Save credit cards to tabs, charge cards later tab enhancement
  • QB enhancements to enable multiple daily syncs
  • Value of Inventory added to the on-hand report
  • Filter our sub-departments in sales by department report
  • Enhancements to the tools section of the register
  • Start the Tab by searching for customer enhancements
  • Load time improvements
Release Notes August 2019
  • Server names added to receipts
  • Settings are now alphabetized
  • Various Other Usability enhancements
Release Notes August 2019
  • Winsparkle: New Automatic Update Mechanism
  • New Members Section
  • Usability improvements
Release Notes July 2019
  • .Net Framework Upgrade: From 4.5 to 4.7.1
  • Tab / Table Enhancements
  • On Tee Sheet: Racks can now be sequenced while booking
  • On Register: Cards can now be attached to orders
  • Receipt Enhancements: Employee/Register visible in soft receipt
  • Pull Tabs Enhancements : Search Employee by Server Pin or Server Name
Release Notes June 2019
  • QuickBooks Auto-Sync Integration
  • Usability improvements
Release Notes May 2019
  • Tab / Table Management with Room Layouts
  • Usability improvements
Release Notes May 2019
  • Enhancements and Bug fixes are now available online at Club Caddie’s website under Changelog.
Release Notes
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