Club Caddie -

Version has quite a few exciting enhancements and new features for you to enjoy!

New Features/Enhancements

Payment Processing
  • Same-day Refunds – The user can now process Full and Partial Refunds before the Batch Settlement time with all SoundPayments (PAX) Devices
    —– The same Credit Card does have to be inserted into the reader to process the Refund
Credit Books/Vouchers
  • When a Voucher is used to pay for a Transaction, a new Voucher Receipt will be printed that shows the updated remaining balance of the Voucher
  • When a Voucher is used to pay for a Transaction, but has an insufficient balance, the full amount of the Voucher will be applied when Split Pay is initiated
  • Can now search by Customer when using “Check Voucher Balance” under the Tools section of the Register
  • Date Filters in the Voucher Module
  • Member Invoice enhancements
    – Reformatting of Start/End/Due dates
    – Added Opening Balance below Invoice Total to more easily show the Amount Due
    – New Setting in Membership Settings to show all details of every Order on Invoices (Itemized Invoices)
  • The active Membership Classes column in the Customer and Member Module
  • Can now see the Date that saved methods of payment were added to Member Profiles
Tee Sheet
  • Recurring Blocks (for all types)
  • New Icon (!) to indicate Tee Times that were booked on today’s date
  • Speed increases
  • Receive Inventory Report – now shows the total of every Inventory Item that has been received during a given period of time
  • in Void/Return Report, now shows the “Order Voided at” time
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