Member Management

Membership Management Made easy

Easily view your active roster of members, see each or all member’s purchase history, view each or all members payment history, see a snap shot of your members last invoice date, last invoice amount, last payment date, last payment amount and their current balance, respectively.

Download any past invoice, in one click, re-send an e-mail invoice, or never worry about invoicing again as invoices are automatically e-mailed, and members are automatically billed, monthly, quarterly and/or annually.

Give custom privileges and build custom billing plans

Create unlimited membership classes, assign unlimited membership rules to any class.

Social Membership, Pool Membership, Weekday Golf Privileges Only, Charge Accounts, Cart Privileges, Member Discounts, Monthly Minimums any custom combination of charge accounts and/or privileges — no problem!

Member Questions Answered in Real Time

Members can view their purchase history, manage their payments, set up sub-accounts, and much more, directly from your website’s Member’s Portal.

Members are also able to check voucher balances, reserve tee times, register and pay for events, receive notices from the member portal bulletin board, manage sub-accounts and update Member’s wallet, among other features.

Know your Members

From the tee sheet, register, customer or members screens, you may look up and view any of your member’s profiles.

Customer profiles show: Personal information, Pictures, birthdates, classification (e.g., senior), member plan and billing policy, rounds played and playing history, spend and purchase history, notes and much more.

Interact with Members

Set custom notifications that inform your staff with regards to important customer information about any member including past due balances, important notes, customer preferences, and more.

Securely store payment information, schedule automated payments

Securely store member credit card and ACH information in our vaulted and PCI compliant merchant system that encrypts customer information by tokenizing sensitive data.

Set up monthly, quarterly or annual automated e-mail invoices and credit card or ACH charges.

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