All-In-One Managed marketing solution

Whether you aim to build a captive audience, boost membership sign-ups, or maximize tee sheet revenue, our strategies are designed to hit the mark. We understand that each golf club has its own set of aspirations and challenges, and our service is molded to address these specifically.

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Our campaign-centric service, powered by Club Caddie's all-in-one solution, employs a wide range of tools and services to implement a holistic, 360-degree marketing strategy, ensuring your message is effectively broadcasted and resonates with your club's unique audience.

Automated Messages
Personalized Campaigns
Advanced Reporting & Insights
Paid Advertising*
SMS Marketing*
Google Business Management
Custom Templates and Flyers
Social Media Marketing
Email Marketing

drive revenue

Whether it’s boosting attendance on Tuesday’s Men’s League, optimizing your tee sheet, or generating buzz for your club’s next event, Managed Marketing uses proven campaigns to deliver real results, bringing measurable impact and value to your club. You choose the campaign type and we’ll handle the rest.

increase retention

Club Caddie’s unique software allows us to unveil insights unique to your visitors, empowering campaigns that re-engage customers based on their past activities and interests. Consistent messaging about promotions, specific to your golfer, keeps you top of mind and players coming back for more.

engage your golfers

Don’t rely on a cookie-cutter approach. Your golfers are unique and with the help of your Club Caddie GMS, our campaigns are tailored to them, ensuring that every marketing effort resonates deeply with your audience. This personalized touch transforms how golfers perceive and interact with your club, creating brand loyalty and a customer for life. 

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