All-In-One Managed marketing solution

Created for course operators who struggle to find time to dedicate to marketing, Managed Marketing is an agency-like service designed to engage golfers and drive revenue

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Our campaign-centric service leverages essential tools and services to craft successful marketing strategies that match your club's goals and cater to your golfers' unique preferences.

Automated Messages
Personalized Campaigns
Advanced Reporting & Insights
Paid Advertising*
SMS Marketing*
Google Business Management
Custom Templates and Flyers
Social Media Marketing
Email Marketing

Achieving Your Goals Authentically

You’ll receive a proactive, personalized marketing strategy that puts your business goals and customers first

Using our connected ecosystem we segment golfers and deliver unique, personalized messages to boost customer experience and loyalty

Craft seamless golfer journeys for better engagement

Leveraging Expertise for Maximize Revenue Growth

Leveraging Club Caddie’s Platform to unveil deeper Insights and effortless engagement opportunities to connect better with your golfers

Uncover key insights to bolster sales, drive engagement and enhance overall customer satisfaction

Receive monthly progress reports for continual updates

Reclaim Your Time by Entrusting our Experts

Rely on industry expertise and comprehensive knowledge to efficiently market to your customers, freeing up your valuable time

Managed Marketing not only saves your time but also ensures professional handling of your marketing efforts, maximizing campaign effectiveness through industry insights and best practices

Need help with what you need? Send us a message and we’ll get back to you right away.

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