Accounting and Reports

Business Analytics at your Fingertips

See revenue breakdowns for F&B, Banquet, Golf or any other department by Sales, Quantity of Items Sold and Profit Margin.

Compare sales year by year, month by month, week by week, day by day or hour by hour.

Export summary data to Excel with the click of a button.

Sales by Item, Department, Event or Customer for Any Period of Time

Track quantities of items sold, profit margins, inventory levels, tax collected and much more.

Every Golf Report you could think of and then Some

Breakdown Golfers playing history, spend by department, purchase history and more for any period of time.

Quickbooks Sync App

Export IFF Files or automatically sync your point of sale data with our Quickbooks Sync App on-demand at the click of a button or on an automated schedule to send as often as every day.

Receive Inventory, Track Costs, Map to Chart of Accounts

Organize inventory by department, sub-department, category and item. Add modifiers including upgrades and downgrades to any item. Generate barcode labels to scan items and print barcode labels with prices to attach to items

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