Restaurant & Bar

Tabs, Modifiers and Tickets

Servers can link up to 100 tabs by table number or customer name, pull-tabs from other registers, add customs notes, up-charge, down-charge or add modifiers and send tickets to the kitchen and/or bar. Floor Plans and Room Layouts for multiple rooms. Securely save credit cards to tabs without physically holding the credit card so that cards can be charged when the customer is ready for checkout.

Sports Bar, Restaurant or Snack Bar, No Problem

Create a fully customizable floor-plan for one room, or multiple rooms in your food, beverage and banquet operations. Drag and drop tables of different sizes, seats, bars, bar seats and more. See which tables have open tabs and which tables are open.

Clock-In, Clock-Out and link tabs to servers using convenient server pins. Full tip management including reconciliation of cash and credit card tips by server, and hours worked.

Organize Items into customizable Departments, Sub-Departments and Categories

Organize your inventory. Optimize your register to conform to your operation, not the other way around.

Comprehensive F/B Analytics

Track Sales, Identify food and beverage hot sellers, items that aren’t selling and much more.

Credit Card and Tip Reporting

Servers can adjust bills to add credit card tips and earnings are reported out into tips reports.

Any special event from weddings to golf outings

Event calendar, full food, beverage and add-on item pricing, payment management, function sheets, customer CRM and document management system, among other features.

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