Club Caddie -

Version is an enhancement release of Club Caddie that focuses on resolving a few bugs that were disrupting workflows in the Register and Member Portal

New Features/Enhancements

  • Register/Inventory
    • League Deposits from the Register – Bug fix for selecting the Event for League Deposits
    • Multiple Gift Vouchers in the same Tab – Bug fix for not allowing multiple Gift Vouchers to be present in the same Tab in the Register
    • Tips Manager – Bug fix for resetting filters on scrolling in Tips Manager
    • Receive Inventory – Bug fixes for Receiving existing Inventory items as well as a fix for Receiving items at $0
    • Enhancements to the Server Close Out Report print
  • Member Portal
    • Bug fix for Suspending/Restoring Members
    • Bug fix for hiding Customer/Member information when it is disabled through the POS to show in the Member Portal/I-Frames
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