Club Caddie -

Version is an enhancement release of Club Caddie that focuses on improving existing workflows throughout the entire system

New Features/Enhancements

  • Tee Sheet
    • Holiday Rates – When creating a new Rack Rate, you can now specify if the new Rate should “Override” all other Rack and Class Rates. When that setting is toggled ON for the new Rate, that will be the only Rate that is available at that date/time
    • New Setup for Creating Class Rates – When creating a new Class Rate, there is now the same workflow as creating a Rack Rate, where you can either link it to an existing GF/CF Combo or create a new Green Fee and attach an existing Cart Fee and/or Inventory Item(s) to the Rate
    • Requiring a Credit/Debit Card for Online Bookings – There is a new Setting in Tee Sheet Settings and Activity Settings to require a Credit/Debit Card on file, even if the Online Prepay Percentage is set to 0%. That card will be saved against the Customer Profile of the person who makes the Booking. So when they are Checked In, there will be an option for “Pay by Customer Wallet” to tender out the Transaction. This can also be used to charge for No-Show’s
  • F&B Register
    • Bug fixes for spam clicking and duplicating Tabs/Items
    • Bug fixes for spam clicking and losing Tabs in the Register
    • Enhancements to the Server and Database to improve load times for the KDS
    • Option to specify whether it is a Debit or Credit Card in Split and Divide Pay (for Convenience Fee purposes)
  • Customer/Member Experience – CRM
    • Critical Impact – Can now create a Custom Field for Member and Non-Member Classes
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