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Version is an exciting new release of Club Caddie that includes a new Food and Beverage Enhancement – Seats for Tabs in the Register! This Feature will dramatically reduce the amount of room that Tabs/Tables take up in the Register. There are also some other great enhancements included in this Version.

New Features/Enhancements

Food and Beverage/Register
  • Seats for Tabs – When a Tab is created in the Register, you can now right-click on that Tab and “Add Seats” to the Tab. These Seats are essentially treated as sub-tabs — they can be tendered out individually, and sent to Kitchen/Bar Printers separately (or together).
  • Item Modifier Popup – Within Register Settings, Users can opt to have the Item Modifier Popup automatically appear when an Item is selected in the Register that has Modifiers.
  • Touchscreen Keyboard – has been enhanced to appear everywhere it is needed throughout the entire system
Tee Sheet
  • Copy and Paste Multiple Tee Times – Users can now select multiple Tee Times and Copy/Paste them to different times/days. The Pasted Tee Times will have the same spacing that they had on the original day/time
Member Portal
  • “Pinning” Posts on Bulletin Board – Users can now “Pin” Posts to the top of the Bulletin Board so that they always stay at the top, even if more Posts are created after it.
  • Attachments Tab – This new tab in the Member Portal is where Members can view all Attachments that are in their Customer Profile in the Club Caddie POS.
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