Club Caddie -

We have a number of exciting updates to Club Caddie ready for you to explore in version

New Features

  • Suspend/Restore Memberships – Course Users can Suspend Memberships. Suspended Members will not be able to pay for transactions using their Membership ID. They will still be billed, but will not have access to the privileges of the Membership. Once the Member has paid their outstanding balance, the Course User can Restore the Membership.
Tee Sheet
  • Custom Names for 9’s – under Tee Sheet Settings, Course Users can set specific names for the 9’s on the Tee Sheet.
    • These custom names will also appear on the Tee Sheet when it is exported
  • Required fields for Tee Time Booking – Employee initials can now be a required field when booking a Tee Time
  • Golf Outings – Course Users can now specify which 9’s will be used for Golf Outings (27+ hole Facilities)
  • The Check-In Box and Golfer Name have been prioritized to appear when Split Reserve is used
  • Credit and Refund Vouchers are now separated in the Payment Summary Report
  • Cash and Checks are now separated into Payment Summary Report and General Ledger Report
  • Can no longer book overlapping Reservations on the same Resource
  • Crash on rapidly hitting Enter on the Reservation Booking window is FIXED
Group Bookings on Tee Sheet
  • If no Notes are inputted for a Group Reservation, but a Customer has been assigned to the Group, the Customer Name will appear on the Tee Sheet
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