Club Caddie -

Version is an exciting new release of Club Caddie that includes enhancements to the Activities Module, the Member Portal, and introduces a brand new Report

New Features/Enhancements

  • Activities Module
    • Activity League Deposits – From the Tools section of the Register, you can now take Deposits from individual League Players (from the League Roster)
    • Online Registration Link for Leagues – From the Event Builder page, there is a new tab for “Online Registration”. This will give you the ability to specify the required fields for registration, the maximum number of players allowed to be registered at one time, and upload an image for the online sign-up link. There will also be a unique URL that is generated for the Registration page, which can then be posted on a website or included in an email
    • Activity Online Booking Flow – There are now 2 different options for the flow of Online Bookings. These can be accessed by going to Settings –> Activity Center –> Edit on the desired Resource Type –> editing the “Reservation Strategy”
    • Specifying which Resource is booked for Online Bookings – This is now an optional Setting that can be toggled On or Off by going to Settings –> Activity Center –> clicking on Edit for the Resource Type –> clicking on More
  • Reports
    • Sales by Month by SKU – A brand new Report that shows the Sales by Item for a given period of time. This Report can be filtered by Sub-Department (with multi-select options) and breaks out the Sales by the GL Account associated with the Sub-Departments as well
  • Member Portal
    • Hiding Customer/Member Information – From Settings –> I-Frames –> Settings tab, you can control what information shows. This includes Email Addresses and Phone Numbers
    • Adding Sub-Members – From Settings –> I-Frames –> Settings tab, you can disable the ability for Members to add Sub-Members directly from the Member Portal
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