Club Caddie -

Version is a very exciting new released of Club Caddie that has a variety of new features and enhancements in nearly every area of the system – and is highlighted by the “Sign and Tip on Screen” for use on touch-screen monitors/Tablet computers.

New Features/Enhancements

  • Register/F&B
    • Sign and Tip on Screen – This is a Terminal Specific Setting that can be managed through Settings –> Terminal Management. When this is enabled, whenever a Transaction is processed that requires a signature/tip, there will be a Sign and Tip popup that appears. The Customer will be able to add a Tip and add their signature to a touchscreen and/or tablet
    • PIN Lock Timer – This is a Terminal Specific Setting that can be controlled through Settings –> Terminal Management. Users can set a timeout period, after which the PIN pad will automatically appear on the screen.
    • System Logout Timer – This is a Terminal Specific Setting that can be controlled through Settings –> Terminal Management. The user can input a time after which the system will automatically log out and require the User to log back into Club Caddie
    • Revenue Ticker, Member Ledger Adjustments, Loyalty Adjustments, and all items in the Tools section of the Register can now be controlled through Manage Roles
    • Multiple Kitchen/Bar Printers – within Register Settings –> Department, you can now add multiple Kitchen and Bar Printers (Kitchen Hot, Kitchen Cold, Kitchen Dessert, etc.)
    • Customer Receipt Enhancements – Added spacing and “Signature” under the signature line on the Customer copy
  • Reports
    • On Hand Report – Now shows the SKU/PLU number
    • Banner/Muni GL Code Report – Exporting this Report now enables a successful upload into the Banner system
    • Online Events Registrants – The list of Registrants can now be exported to Excel
    • GL Code Setup by Terminal Location – In QuickBooks Setting –> Journal Entry Setup, you can now create different Transaction Types by Terminal Location. So that Cash that is collected from the ProShop can go to a different Account than Cash that is collected from the Bar/Restaurant
  • Register/Vouchers
    • Department-Specific Vouchers – when issuing a Gift Card, you can now specify the Departments that Voucher can be used for
    • PIN Entry for Debit Transactions – Optional Setting in 3P Settings to make Customers enter in their PIN on Debit Transactions
    • Range Servant/SelectPi Integration – New tab in 3P Settings to enter in SelectPi credentials. Bucket sizes will automatically appear in the Register in a “Driving Range” Sub-Deparmtent. A PIN will print on the Receipt when a bucket is sold, which can be redeemed on the range ball dispenser machine
    • Enhancements for starting a Tab by swiping a card, and issuing Gift Cards on the CardConnect Augusta reader
  • I-Frames / Online
    • Gift Card/Voucher Sale – New I-Frame for “Voucher Sales”. Customers can purchase a Gift Card/Voucher either for themselves or for someone else
    • KDS Enhancements – Formatting enhancements, speed optimization
  • Customer/Member Profile
    • Member Profile – Member Balance now shows in the General Info tab of the Profile
    • Customer Profile – Loyalty Point Adjustments are now available
    • –> 2-way messaging through the Club Caddie / White-Label Mobile App
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