Club Caddie -

We have a number of exciting updates to Club Caddie ready for you to explore in version

New Features

  • Merge Tabs – Simply Right-Click on any Tab in the Register and Transfer all of the items in that Tab to an existing one.
  • Searching for a Customer when creating a Tab is now much faster and the search capabilities have been enhanced for better ease of use
  • Loyalty Points do not show in the Register for items that have no assigned Loyalty value
  • PDF Receipts now show all pertinent information – the same as the paper receipts
  • Assigning Customers to Vouchers – Course Users can now apply a specific Customer to any Voucher – Gift or Refund
  • Course Users can now create a Tab by searching for a Member Number in the Search bar
  • If a Voucher is used to pay for a Transaction, and the Voucher has an insufficient amount on it, the system will automatically ask the Course User if they would like to use Split Pay to complete the transaction
  • Sales by Employee Report – every transaction that is tied to an Employee is now shown in the Sales by Employee Report
  • Clock In / Out Report – Now shows Tips per Hour for all Employees
Browser-Based Reports
  • Reports can now be accessed anywhere from any type of device with the Browser-Based Reports. Course Users can log into with their regular credentials and see all of the same reports that are available on the Desktop version of the software
Repeatable Reservations
  • In the Reservations Module, reservations can now be repeated, similar to the Reoccurring Tee Times
Group Bookings on Tee Sheet
  • “Notes” has been changed to “Group Name” when making a Group Reservation on the Tee Sheet
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