Club Caddie -

Version is an exciting release of Club Caddie that is highlighted by the new F&B Feature – Tab Sync between Terminals

New Features/Enhancements

  • F&B Register
    • Tab Sync between Terminals – This is a huge step forward for F&B Operators. With this new feature, a Tab can only be opened on one Terminal at a time. This prevents the same Tab from being open on multiple Terminals at the same time, which will eliminate potential double charges or incorrect charges.
    • —> There is also a new User Permission in Settings –> Manage Roles –> Register for “Open other Employees Tabs”. If this is enabled for a User’s Role, then they will be able to use Pull Tabs to open other Employees Tabs in the Register. For Example, Employee 1 starts a Tab for John Smith on Terminal A. Then Employee 2 uses Pull Tabs to Re-Open that Tab for John Smith at Terminal B. When that Tab is opened on Terminal B, it will disappear from Terminal A and only be open on Terminal B
    • Receipt Enhancements – Removal of Signature Line on Cash Transactions
    • —> Removal of Tip Suggestion from Receipts when Sign and Tip on Screen is enabled
  • Golf/Activity Rate Management
    • When creating/editing Rates for Golf and Activities and using the Filters, when a change is made, the filters no longer reset after a change is made
  • Reports
    • Clover Payments Report – new Report that shows all of the information from the Clover Processing Portal. This gives users the ability to double-check Transaction, Settlement, and Batch amounts
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