Club Caddie -

Version is an exciting new release of Club Caddie that introduces some brand new features and modules – the Starter Sheet, Advanced Customer Grouping and the Customer Messaging Center!

New Features/Enhancements

Starter Sheet
  • This is essentially a “View Only” version of the Tee Sheet. This can be used by Starters on the 1st/10th Tee, as well as employees at a security gate entrance
  • Employees with access to this Module can see all of the Tee Times on the Tee Sheet, and they can also perform a “Starter Checkin” – to verify when a Tee Time actually begins play. They can also verify the Turn Time for the Tee Times, and assign Cart Numbers
Advanced Customer Grouping
  • Every time that a Class is created from Class Management, a subsequent Group will be created in the CRM. Any Customer/Member that has that Class associated with their profile will be included in that Group. This will allow for more targeted email campaigns
  • In the upcoming releases of Club Caddie, users will be able to specify which Groups can see Bulletin Board Posts and well as Online Events
  • Users will also be able to create custom Groups with their own specific rules/parameters (purchase history, playing history, birthdays, etc.)
Messaging Center
  • From within the Customer/Member Profile, there is a new tab for “Messaging”. This tab can be used to send emails and chat messages directly to an individual Customer/Member
  • Currently, the email functionality is available. Users can specify which email address the email comes from, what email address the message is delivered to, as well as CC’d and BCC’d email addresses
  • These emails will also send a push notification to the Customer/Member’s mobile device
  • In the upcoming releases of Club Caddie, users will be able to send direct messages to an individual Customer/Member for true 2-way messaging
Inventory Center
  • Within the Inventory Audit module, the Search function has been restored and is working as intended
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