Club Caddie -

Version has quite a few exciting New Features and Enhancements to the Club Caddie Golf Course Management system.

New Features/Enhancements

Tee Sheet
  • Can now “Un-Checkin” a Golfer – if you check in a Golfer and push the Order to the Register, you can delete the Order.
    – If this Order is Deleted, you can go back to the Tee Sheet, right-click, and select “Un-Checkin” which will allow you to Edit the Tee Time
  • “Total Deposits Made” has been added as a Line Item on Event Invoices
  • The Member List from the Customers Module can now be Exported
  • Server Banking Methodology Enhancements – Automatically deducts the non-cash Tips from the Cash Sales per Employee –> This only happens when the Server as Own Banking Methodology Setting is turned on (which is Terminal-Specific)
Inventory Management
  • Inventory Center now shows if Items are a Combo or an Individual Inventory Item
  • When printing Labels, you can now specify which label to start on the Label Sheet
  • Editing the Cost of Inventory Items is now a Permission that is controlled through Manage Roles –> User Permissions –> “Inventory”
  • Requiring a PIN to create a Quick Tab is now a Terminal-Specific Setting
  • Save/Pull Tabs Enhancement – if there is a duplicate Tab in the Register, you can delete it from the “Pull Tabs” section of Tools
  • There is now User Permission in the Sales Tab for Printing Receipts, Adding Tips, and Voiding/Refunding Transactions. This is done through Manage Roles –> User Permissions –> Orders
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