Club Caddie -

Version is a very exciting new release of Club Caddie that introduces a brand new Credit Card Processing integration with CardConnect! This new update also has some great enhancements to the Activities Module, Member Management, and Reports.

New Features/Enhancements

  • CardConnect processing integration – New Hardware for Credit/Debit Transactions. Full compatibility with Tap to Pay, Google Pay, Apple Pay, etc.
  • Can now use the number pad on the keyboard to enter Employee PIN’s
  • Ability to add a Tax Type/Group for Event Service Charge
  • Class Rates – Just like Class Rates for Tee Times. If a Customer has a Class associated with their Profile, you can now create Class Rates for Activity bookings
  • Blocks/Instructions – “No Activities” and “No Online Bookings” Blocks in addition to Instructions
Member Management
  • Custom Statement Generation – From within a Member Profile –> Membership tab –> Ledger, you can now use the Date Filters to generate a custom Statement. This Statement will include all charges in that date range and will look very similar to a regular Invoice
  • Name/Address format changes – Member addresses are now broken out in separate lines to accommodate traditional envelopes for physically mailing Invoices
  • MIR Report now handles Monthly, Quarterly, and Annual Minimums
  • Muni GL Code Report formatting changes/enhancements
  • Oracle GL Code Report – new GL Report with Oracle formatting that can be exported to CSV
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