Club Caddie -

Version is an exciting new enhancement release of Club Caddie that focuses on improving the overall functionality of some of the new features that have been recently released, as well as a few new Reports.

New Features/Enhancements

Customers/Member Portal
  • Setting Effective Dates for Classes in the Future – When a Class is assigned to a Customer/Member, Users can now set the Effective Date in the future. So if a Member pre-pays for next season’s Membership, you can schedule when that Class will start. This also applies to Minimum Spend and Discount Rules
  • Member Portal Vouchers Tab – Members can now see all of their Vouchers that are associated with the Profile without having to search for them. There will still be the option to search for a Voucher if they know the Voucher Number and it is not tied to their Profile. NOTE: This does need to be enabled through the Membership Portal Builder in Settings –> Membership Settings
  • Failed Auto-Pay Report – This new Report will show all Recurring Billing Charges (Auto-Pay) that have failed. It will also show the reason why the payment failed (card declined, expired, lack of funds, etc.)
  • Comparative Sales Report – This new Report can be used to see the changes in Sales by Department for any period of time (week over week, year over year, etc.)
  • On-Hand Report – A new column has been added to show the Item SKU number
  • Public I-Frame for Checking Voucher Balances – Within Settings –> I-Frames, there is now a link for checking Voucher Balances. This can be used on a facility’s website so that regular Customers can see the balances of any Voucher
  • Credit Book Holding Accounts – Can now create a Holding Account from the Vouchers Module –> Credit Books –> Holding Account –> selecting the “Add” button
  • Open Vouchers when completing a Transaction – If a Customer Member has open Vouchers that are tied to their Profile, all of those Vouchers will appear when the Pay button is hit and then “Gift Card/Credit Voucher” is selected as the payment method
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