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Version is a major enhancement release of Club Caddie that focuses on improved functionaility in the Tee Sheet, F&B POS and Reports.

Version is a major enhancement release of Club Caddie that focuses on improved functionality in the Tee Sheet, F&B POS, and Reports.

New Features/Enhancements

  • Tee Sheet / Activities
    • Tee Sheet Color-Coding by Class:  From Settings → Class Management → Action dropdown, can now specify a color for each Class. Whenever a Class Rate is booked on the Tee Sheet, that color will be displayed directly to the left of the Tee Time Booking on the Tee Sheet.
    • Online Prepayment by Class: From Settings → Class Management → Additional Settings, there is now an option to require prepayment for online Bookings. This enables operators to have more flexibility with their Customers/Members. For example, a non-member Class such as “Senior” may need to prepay in full online, but a “Golf Member” may not need to prepay in full when making an online Booking.
    • Showing “Club Caddie” as a Partner in Rate Management: Previously, every Rate that was made available online was always shown on the standard Club Caddie I-Frames. With this enhancement, if there is a Rate that is only intended to be shown in a specific Channel (GolfBack, Sagacity, etc.), only those Partners would be enabled through the Rate Management – “Club Caddie” would not be selected as an enabled Partner.
    • Rate Map on Tee Sheet: A new tool in the Tee Sheet that allows employees to see the minimum and maximum Rack Rates for every Tee Time. This Rate Map can also be filtered for individual Classes, so the minimum and maximum Class Rates will be displayed
    • Saving Credit Card – Online Bookings: When making a Booking or Registering for an Event online, Customers will now have the option to save their Credit/Debit Card to their profile. This will enable them to use that card in the future without having to re-enter the card information. It will also enable the “Pay by Customer Wallet” functionality in the Register
    • Prevent Customers from Online Bookings: From the Customer Profile → Settings, users can disable the ability for individual Customers to make Tee Times and/or Activity Bookings online.
    • Activity Booking Email Confirmation: Will now display the actual Resource that was booked (Simulator Bay 2, Pickleball Court 3, etc.)
     F&B POS / Report
    • F&B Modifiers – “Forced Modifiers”: There is now an option to set up a Minimum number of required selections for a Modifier Group (EX: must select one “Cook Temperature”)
    • F&B Modifiers: New options in the Modifier popup for “No”, “Extra”, and “On the Side”. If selected, these options will show on the Kitchen/Bar Receipts as well as in the KDS
    • “Cost + %” Discounts: In Settings → Register Settings → Discounts, there is now a new option when creating a new Discount Type for “Cost + %”. When this Discount Type is used in the Register, it will only apply to Items that have an actual Item Cost tied to them. If an Item has a $0 Cost, then there will be no Discount applied to that Item
    • Inventory Enhancements: Removed unnecessary fields in the Inventory popup. Also added asterisks (*) to all of the required fields
    • Clearing Pull Tabs: New Permission with Manager Override to clear all of the current Tabs from the Pull Tabs tool
    • Share Tips tool Enhancement: Tips Manager has been added to the Share Tips Tool. So employees can go to the Share Tips Tool to add AND share Tips
    • Separating out ACH and Credit Card Revenue: In the Daily Course Summary, Terminal Summary, and Payment Summary Reports, ACH has now been added as a separate line item for more precise reporting
      • NOTE: For those clients using the GL Code Report, there is a new Transaction Type in Settings → QuickBooks Integration → Journal Entry Setup for “ACH” that will need to be mapped if you collect Dues via ACH
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