Club Caddie -

Version is an enhancement release of Club Caddie that focuses on the Tee Sheet and Member experience

New Features/Enhancements

  • Tee Sheet
    • Punch Cards – New tab when creating Punch Cards for “Usage Strategy”. This allows you to designate a certain number of “Total Uses” for the Punch Card, and then assign any number of Rates to that Punch Card. It does not matter how many times a given Rate is redeemed – once the total number of Uses is reached, the Punch Card will become Inactive
    • Tee Sheet / Starter Sheet – When a Tee Time is “Starter Checked In” from the Starter Sheet, it will now have the same checkered background on the Tee Sheet, letting Users know what Times have actually teed off. In addition, when the Starter has specified the time for “Tee Off’, “Turn Time”, and “End Time”, those times will show when you hover over a Tee Time on the Tee Sheet
    • Activity Online Booking Flow – Selecting which 9 to book into – There is now an optional Setting in Tee Sheet Settings to “select Tee Sheet Resources for online bookings”. When this is enabled, Customers/Members can pick which 9 they want to book into (if available). This gives Customers/Members the ability to book into the Back 9, or the third 9 for 27-hole facilities
  • Inventory
    • Multiple Barcodes per Item – A new tab for “Inventory Barcodes” in the Inventory popup that allows multiple Barcodes to be entered for a single Item. This can be especially helpful for golf gloves in different sizes/handedness, or golf shirts in different sizes
  • Member Experience
    • Physical Invoices – From the Member Profile –> Membership –> Settings tab, you can specify if a Member would like to receive a physical Invoice. From Settings –> Membership Settings, you can then download any and all Invoices for Members that require a physical Invoice, print them out, and send them to those specific Members
    • Add an Existing Customer as a Sub-Member – From the Primary Member’s profile –> Membership –> Submember, you can now search for existing Customers and add them as Sub-Members
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