Changelog -

  • Self Check-in from Mobile App Availability Toggle:
    • Applicable Settings to enable or disable this feature – Settings > Mobile App > App Settings > Allow Mobile Check-in > Toggle On/Off
  • Guest Name Display
    • From the Tee Sheet, the guests of the person that made the tee time will now display as “Guest of (Player Name)”, rather than the rate they are booked for in previous versions and having to reference notes for guest information.
  • Punch Card Identification
    • Enhancements in rate management for punch card types have been introduced, including improved visibility in dropdown selections for easier management.
      • Settings > Punchcard Type Center > Punchcard Type Rate OR Usage Strategy. Now, when you search for your rate to associate with your punch card, you will have much more information about the rate for selection.
    • RACK Rate Management Identification:
      • Ability to create Descriptions for rates that will publish to the online booking engine.
        • Settings > RACK Rate Management > Find your rate OR create a new rate > Enter Description
        • This Description will display with an info icon upon the customer selecting the applicable rate online with a description associated.
      • Integration with Players First
        • A new integration allows for management within the Players First Platform
        • Players First is a customer experience management solution
          • Club Caddie credentials for Players First integration can be found in Settings > 3P Integrations > Last tab on the right > Players First. From there, you can copy the information into your Players First account.
  • Event Tracking
    • Ability to tie Sales that are processed with any Tender Type to an individual Event. This enables Operators to see how much Revenue was actually generated from a given Event, including Sales that are not incorporated into the Event Builder.
    • This is an optional Setting that can be enabled on the individual Event level. Can also specify the Terminals that “Event Tracking” pertains to. When a Transaction is being tendered out, there is an option to select an event to tie that transaction to. Only events that are taking place on that day will be selectable for Event “Tracking”
  • Event Tracking Report
    • A new report allows for the tracking of events by terminal, providing insights into sales generated from events outside the event.
  • Online Event Enhancements
    • When multiple fee types are used, a price range will now be displayed.
    • Fee type names will now display from a dropdown upon registration.
  • Event Payment Enhancements Event payment links with balance details OR without balance details.
    • For the Payment Link without the Event Balance details, Customers will now be able to make a Deposit against the Event even if there is nothing built out in the Event Menu/Add Ons/Golfers tabs of the Event Builder
  • Membership Payment in the Register
    • Will now populate with the member’s full balance amount owned and can be viewed and can pay their full or partial balances. No longer have to navigate to the ledger to obtain that amount.
  • POS Membership Proration – Membership Classes will now be Prorated when they are assigned to a Member through the POS. The “Prorate on Sale” toggle does need to be enabled for the Proration to take effect.
  • Require the Number of Seats when Starting a Tab by Selecting a Table
    • This is a terminal specific setting: Settings > Terminal Management > Find the Terminal this will apply to > Click Edit > Toggle ON “Require Seat Count While Reserving Tables”
    • Once this Setting is enabled, when starting a tab by selecting a table, the system will require the user to enter the amount of seats to select that table. They will be prompted with an error notification if they fail to do so.
  • Floor Plan Management
    • You can now delete Floor Plans
  • Start a Tab by saving a credit card with new devices
    • You can now start a tab utilizing your Clover or Lane devices.
    • Previously, you could only swipe using a Magtek device, or manually key in the card information.
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