Club Caddie - is an Enhancement release. It focuses on usability improvements over with some major new features Several small bug fixes are also included.

New features

  • A new Module has been created for Reservations of any kind – Basketball, Tennis, Volleyball, even Tanning Booths and Golf Simulator Bays. Booking periods and pricing can be adjusted through the Settings Tab
  • Divide and Pay – a new feature for Reservations – a Booking can be divided evenly amongst any number of customers
General Ledger Report
  • A new, easy-to-read General Ledger Report has been created to easily show the total of all the Credits and Debits that have taken place over a given period of time – in addition to how much “over” or “short” the facility is for that time period
Register Enhancements
  • Server PIN is now required when clicking on the “+” sign in the Register to make a new Tab
  • After a Credit Card transaction is completed, a suggested tip amount is shown on the bottom of the receipt – these suggested percentages can be set through the Settings Tab
Member Billing Enhancements
  • Monthly Minimums can be edited on an individual Member level – “Add”, “Edit”, and “Delete” are now possible
  • Through the Settings tab, you can create a Booking Window for Rack Rates
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