Club Caddie -

Version is an exciting new released of Club Caddie that focuses on enhancing some of the new Features that have been recently released, as well as an integration with Range Servant/SelectPi

New Features/Enhancements

  • Register/Vouchers
    • Department-Specific Vouchers – when issuing a Gift Card, you can now specify the Departments that Voucher can be used for
    • PIN Entry for Debit Transactions – Optional Setting in 3P Settings to make Customers enter in their PIN on Debit Transactions
    • Range Servant/SelectPi Integration – New tab in 3P Settings to enter SelectPi credentials. Bucket sizes will automatically appear in the Register in a “Driving Range” Sub-Deparmtent. A PIN will print on the Receipt when a bucket is sold, which can be redeemed on the range ball dispenser machine
    • Enhancements for starting a Tab by swiping a card, and issuing Gift Cards on the CardConnect Augusta reader
  • Reports
    • GL Code Setup by Terminal Location – In QuickBooks Setting –> Journal Entry Setup, you can now create different Transaction Types by Terminal Location. So that Cash that is collected from the ProShop can go to a different Account than Cash that is collected from the Bar/Restaurant
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