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Version is another exciting release of Club Caddie that has major enhancements to the Tee Sheet and Register, along with some additional enhancements to the Member Portal, CRM, and Reporting Module.

The biggest Enhancement in the Version is the creation of Rack Rates. With this Enhancement, every Rate will have a Green Fee and/or a Cart Fee associated with it – which will make Reporting much cleaner and easier to digest.

Here is a link to the Knowledge Base article on this process, which has written and video guides


New Features/Enhancements

Tee Sheet
  • Rack Rate Creation – With this Enhancement, every Rate will have a Green Fee and/or a Cart Fee associated with it. This will make it much easier to create Rates in addition to the increased functionality of Sales Reports for Golf Rates.
  • Golf Cart Agreements – This is an optional Setting in Tee Sheet Settings, “Print Cart Agreement Receipt”. If this setting is enabled, there will be an additional Receipt that is printed off when a Golfer with a Riding Rate is checked in. There is a Text Field at the bottom of Tee Sheet Settings where Users can input the desired text that will appear on this Receipt, as well as a Signature Line
Food and Beverage
  • Price Scheduling for Inventory Items – Within the “Edit Inventory” functionality, Users can now schedule pricing for individual Inventory Items.  This pricing Schedule can be based on the Time of Year, Day of the Week, and the Time of Day. This can be used for things such as Happy Hour Discounts, Daily Specials, etc.
CRM/Events/Member Portal
  • Bulletin Board/Posts – This is another new feature that can be accessed through the Customers Module. Users can create “Posts” that will appear on the Facilities website, Member Portal, and white-label Mobile Application
  • Online Events will now appear on the Member Portal
  • Members can now make a Payment on their Membership Account even if they have a $0 Balance and there is not an Invoice that has been generated
  • Tips Summary Report – Users can now drill down into an individual Employee and see every OrderID that has a Tip that was assigned to that Employee
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