Club Caddie - is a Major release. It focuses on usability improvements over Several small bug fixes are also included.

New features

Membership Billing / Invoicing
  • The Parent account is now being displayed on each SubMember’s Account Profile
  •  Membership Invoices can now be downloaded directly from the POS. These Invoices show Credits and Debits to each account, along with the current remaining balance
  •  Invoices now show a summary of the spending by department
  • Invoices can be downloaded multiple times
Register Enhancements
  • You can now change the type of Rack Rate for a given tee time directly in the Register
  • The background color of items in the Register can now be changed and customized.
  •  Before payment is taken and a customer receipt is printed, there is no Tip line. Tips are only shown on the final payment receipt for applicable forms of payment

Usability Improvements

General Enhancement
  • MAJOR speed enhancements for load times on Tee Sheet and Reports sections
  • QuickBooks can now be synced multiple times per day
  • Customers / Members can now be “un-archived”
  •  An added line item to the Daily course summary Called Deposit. The Deposit line item shows the “Cash After Payouts, Tips & Refunds” +/- the “Variance”. The drop shows the amount of cash that the closer is actually depositing in the bank after the variance is taken into account.
  • A “Value” column has been added to the On-Hand Report. This shows the total value of a given piece of inventory (total amount on hand x the per unit wholesale cost)
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