Club Caddie -

Happy Holidays and New Year from our family at Club Caddie to yours! We have a number of exciting updates to Club Caddie ready for you to explore in version

New Features

Loyalty Points Program
  • Set any dollar amount that equals 1 Loyalty Point. When Customers spend money, they earn Loyalty Points.
  • Course Users can set Loyalty Point values for any Inventory item. Customers can then use their accumulated Loyalty Points to pay for those Inventory Items.
Membership Portal Enhancements
  • Members can edit their personal information in the Member Portal.
  • Loyalty Points now appear in the Member Portal
  • UI enhancements
Employee Time-clock Module / Payroll Center (Internal Preparations)
  • Employees enter their PIN and can clock in and out of their shifts at work. When clocking out, they can also enter the Cash Tips that they received during that shift.
  • Employees can add or edit Timecards. Any Edits to Timecards must be approved by an Admin User before becoming permanent.
  • Admin Users can see a full report of all employee hours for any given period of time. This report also includes all tips that were received from the employees and any notes that an employee made for a shift that was worked.
  • Admin Users can define Pay Periods for their facility (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc.), in addition to offering Overtime and the day of the week that the Pay Period begins.
Repeatable Reservations
  • In the Reservations Module, reservations can now be repeated, similar to the Reoccurring Tee Times.
Add Customer Information to Group Bookings
  • When making a Group Booking in the Tee Sheet, course users can tie a Customer to that Booking.
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