Club Caddie - is an Enhancement release. It focuses on usability improvements over with some major new features. Several small bug fixes are also included.

New Features

Member Discounts
  • Different Member Classes can now be assigned different Discounts for different Departments
  • Sub-Members automatically get assigned the discounts of their Parent Member
Convenience Fees
  • There is now an optional Setting to pass on a Convenience Fee to a Customer who is paying with a Credit/Debit card
  • This can be set as a Percentage or a flat amount
Register Enhancements
  • The text on the Terminal Summary for Day End Closing now wraps so the text does not run into the number amounts
  • Default Modifiers for Inventory Items – have the ability to make a Modifier a Default Modifier – so it will automatically appear when an Inventory Item is added to a Tab
  • General Ledger Report can now be exported
Member Billing Enhancements
  • The order ID number now appears on the Member Invoice
  • Minimum Spend Requirements now syncs with QB
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