Club Caddie -

Version is an exciting release of Club Caddie that is highlighted by the release of Punch Cards for Golf Rates, in addition to some enhancements to existing Reports and Credit Card Processing.

New Features/Enhancements

  • Tee Sheet
    • Punch Cards- From within Settings –> PunchCard Type Center, you can create and manage different types of Punch Cards. You can establish what Golf Rates are applicable to a given Punch Card, how many times the Punch Card can be used, and the Total Price of the Punch Card. The Punch Cards can be sold through the Tools section of the Register
    • Turn Times for Group Reservations – When a Group Reservation is created, the turn time that is established in Tee Sheet Settings will be blocked for that time slot on the Back 9
  • Reports/Settings
    • Sign and Tip on Clover Device – When the Clover processing integration is being used, there is a new Setting in 3P Settings –> Clover Connect for “Sign and Tip on Device” that will allow customers to complete a Transaction directly on the screen on the Clover Device
    • Membership Billing Report –  There is a new Export option on this Report for “Expanded View” that will give a much more granular, in-depth breakdown
  • Video Conferencing
    • Online Meeting Room – New Permission in Settings –> Manage Roles –> Event Manager for “Online Meeting Room”. When this is enabled, Users will have access to a new tab in the Events Module. This will give them access to a unique URL for a web conference from within Club Caddie
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