Club Caddie -

Version is an exciting new release of Club Caddie that focuses on the Food and Beverage Module, with the release of “All Tabs across all Terminals”, and enhancements to Common Modifier Groups. This new version also includes enhancements to the Member Portal and Reports.

New Features/Enhancements

  • Food and Beverage/Register
    • All Tabs across all Terminals – This new feature allows employees to see every single Tab they have created, regardless of what Terminal they were created at. This is especially helpful when using the PIN Lock system. If an Employee creates a Tab at Terminal 1 and then Saves that Tab, they can go to Terminal 2, enter in their Employee PIN, and see the tab that was started on Terminal 1 on Terminal 2
    • Common Group Modifiers – From within Settings –> Inventory Center –> Inventory Modifier Groups, you can create as many Modifier Groups as you need. You can then assign those Modifier Groups to any Inventory Item. For example, you can create a Modifier Group for “Cook Temperature” and have options for “Rare, Medium Rare, Medium, Well Done”. You could then assign that Modifier Group to every Inventory Item that needs to have a Cook Temperature on it
  • Customers/Members/Reports
    • My Activity Bookings – Similar to “My Tee Times” for Golf, this allows Customers/Members to View and/or Cancel their Activity Bookings. This can be done in the Member Portal or through the white-label Mobile Application
    • Punch Cards in Member Portal – From within the Member Portal, any Punch Cards that are associated with a Customer’s profile will now display. This can be configured in Settings –> Membership Settings –> Member Portal Builder
    • Reporting speed enhancements – throughout the Reports Module
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