Club Caddie -

Version is an exciting release of Club Caddie that includes many new Enhancements to existing features – making the system more intuitive and user-friendly

New Features/Enhancements

  • Tee Sheet/Starter Sheet
    • Group Bookings (more than 4 Players) – This has been a highly requested feature on the Tee Sheet. You can now right-click on a Tee Time and select “Add Multiplayer Booking”. From there, you can input as many Players as you would like and it will create individual Tee Times for that number of Players
    • Online Tee Time Aggregator –  For facilities that have the Setting enabled for Customers being able to select the Resource (9) for online bookings, there is a new option for “All”. This will aggregate all of the Tee Sheet Resources into one booking engine. Customers/Members will be able to see Tee Times on all Tee Sheet Resources (Front/Back/Middle)
    • Can now issue Rain Checks even if the Register Setting for “Restrcit Refunds to Original Payment Method” is turned ON
    • Starter Sheet Group Reservations – Can now “View Checkins” from the Starter Sheet
  • Events/Customers/Members
    • Multiple Price Points for Online Events – When creating an Online Event, there is a new tab for “Fee Types”. From here, you can add different Price Points for an Event
    • Notes Tab in Customer/Member Profile – A new Tab in the Customer/Member Profile. It is a free field where anything can be added – food/drink preferences, Membership notes, etc
    • Multiple Addresses/Mailing Address in Customer/Member Profile – A new Tab in the Customer/Member Profile. Can now add a “Mailing Address” for Members that require Invoices to be sent to a different address
  • Activities
    •  Activity Breakdown Report – Similar to the Rounds Breakdown Report for Golf, but for Activity Bookings
    • Activity Played Report – Similar to the Rounds Played Report for Golf, but for Activity Bookings
    • GL Journal Entries – New Transaction Types that can be mapped for Activity Event Deposits, Final Payments
  • 3P/Settings
    • New CardConnect 3P Setting UI – New UI that is more intuitive and user-friendly. A more of a “one-stop-shop” to configure the Settings from every Terminal. From the “Setup’, you can verify the credentials from every Terminal and see the Status of each. If the credentials from a given Terminal are incorrect, you will see the error message. “Main Account” is for the Back Office/ACH credentials. “Terminal Account” is for the Terminal-specific setup
    • Require a Chart of Accounts for Member Ledger Adjustments – From Settings –> Membership Settings, there is an optional Setting to require a Chart of Accounts for all Ledger Adjustments. This will help with GL Reporting and reconciliation
    • Global-View for MCOs – From’s MCO Dashboard, you can now create Sub-Groups of Locations. Then, from Settings –> Manage Roles, you can give User Roles access to only those Sub-Groups
    • New Settings in Register Settings for “Prevent Inventory Deletion if Stock Available on Hand” – so if there is an in-stock quantity of an Item, you will not be able to Delete it
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