Club Caddie -

Version is an Enhancement Release that focuses on improving the overall performance of the Club Caddie system.

New Features/Enhancements

Tee Sheet
  • Color-Coding Enhancement – new, more vivid colors to make it easier to distinguish between the different Statuses of Tee Times
  • Tee Sheet Settings – the ability to set a Maximum amount of Bookings per Tee Time – for Online Bookings. If this is set to ONE (1), only one booking will be allowed for any Tee Time online (even if it is a single Golfer)
  • Stored Card Expiration Date Report – shows a list of all Customers with Saved Credit/Debit Cards, along with their Expiration Date
Inventory Management
  • Adding a new Item through Receive Inventory will now generate a Receive Inventory Receipt
  • Labels can now be generated for Barcodes that are custom, rather than Club Caddie generated Barcodes
  • Printing Labels directly from Receive Inventory
Customer/Member Profile
  • Enhancement to resetting Membership Online Password
  • Can now edit MembershipID’s even if the Member’s Class(es) are inactive/expired
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