Club Caddie -

Version has quite a few exciting New Features and Enhancements!

New Features/Enhancements

Credit Books/Vouchers Tab
  • Credit Books – Users can pay into a Credit Book Holding Account and then distribute that money from the Holding Account to individual Customers
  • Vouchers Tab – new Module in the Club Caddie system – all Vouchers are broken down into the following Tabs: Credit Vouchers, Refund Vouchers, Rain Checks, and Credit Books
  • Reloading Vouchers – the same Voucher can now be added to – no more need to have multiple Vouchers for the same Customer
  • Round Breakdown Report now shows Average Daily Rounds
  • Rounds Played and Round Breakdown Reports now have Total lines
  • Round Breakdown Report now shows Rounds from Group Reservations
  • Tip entry Enhancement – now more User-friendly to enter in Tips from the Register and Sales Module
Tee Sheet
  • Repeating Tee Times for Members / Golfers with non-Member Classes
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