Club Caddie - is an Enhancement release. It focuses on usability improvements over with some major new features. Several small bug fixes are also included.

New features

Membership Billing / Invoicing
  • Monthly Spend Requirements are now an available feature. Customers can have minimum spend requirements in any Department
  • Emails are automatically sent to Customers / Members every time that an Invoice is generated
  • Invoices now show a summary of the spend by department, including the Minimum Spend Requirement
Register Enhancements
  • Tips are fully refunded on voided credit card orders
  • Gift / Refund Voucher amounts are properly restored when an order has been voided
Tee Sheet Enhancements
  • 27 Hole Facilities can now see all three 9-hole Tee Sheets.
  • Through the Settings tab, you can create a Booking Window for Rack Rates

Usability Improvements

General Enhancement
  • Monthly Minimum Spend now syncs with QuickBooks
  • In the Register Tab, when the price of a Tee Time is changed and saved, the updated price is shown under “View / Edit” on the Tee Sheet.
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