Club Caddie -

Version has quite a few exciting New Features and Enhancements – particularly to the Reporting Module.

New Features/Enhancements

Tee Sheet
  • Can now issue Rain Checks for individual Tee Times from the Tee Sheet
    – If a Tee Time is Checked-In, you can Right Click on the Tee Time and select “Issue Rain Check”
    – Course Users can specify the Dollar Amount of the Rain Check, and issue a Rain Check Voucher
    – Can also issue Refund/Rain Check in the form of Cash, MembershipID
  • “Un-Sync” days in QuickBooks – If a Sync was done improperly, you can go back and “Un-Sync” and then perform the Sync again
  • Tee Booking Cancellation Report – This report shows every Tee Time that has been Cancelled for a given period of time – including Reservation Time, Tee Time, and Cancellation Time
  • Membership Billing enhancement – in the Sales by Department Report, under Recurring Billing, there will be a breakdown by Class Type
  • Void/Return Report enhancement – the Reasons for Voiding/Refunding a Transaction is now shown in this Report
  • Daily Course Summary – Terminal Location Drops are now shown.
    – The “Total Proshop Drop”, “Total F&B Drop”, etc. will all show on the Daily Course Summary
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