Club Caddie -

We have A LOT of exciting updates to Club Caddie ready for you to explore in version

New Features

Tee Sheet
  • Confirmation Emails – simply Right-Click on a Tee Time and send them a Confirmation Email
  • Tee Time Billing Policy – in Tee Sheet Settings – for Online Tee Times, Customers can easily view the Facility Billing Policy
  • GL Code Report – this is an extremely helpful report when dealing with Accounting. This shows the Course Users exactly how much has been Debited/Credit to every Account in the Chart of Accounts
  • Auto-Populate MembershipID – if a Tab in the Register is tied to a Member, when “MembershipID” is selected as the payment method, that MembershipID will automatically populate. There is also a Search function so that Course Users can search for Members to select their MembershipID
  • Gift/Refund Vouchers in Customer Profile – there is a new Tab in the Customer Profile titled “Gift Cards” – this will show every Gift/Refund Voucher that is associated with a given Customer Profile
  • Custom Payment Methods/Tender Types – Course Users can now create Custom Tender Types (House Accounts, Marketing Vouchers, etc.) that can be used to complete transactions
    • This is done through Register Settings –> “Custom Payment Methods”
  • Email Receipts – Course Users can Email receipts to customers through the Sales Tab –> Action –> Receipt –> Email Receipt
Inventory Management
  • Save All – when performing an Inventory Audit, Course Users can now enter in physical counts for all Inventory Items, and then select “Save All” – rather than entering in the counts and saving for each individual item
Communication Center
  • This is accessed in the Settings Module (does need to be turned on through “Manage Roles”)
    • Course Admins can enter an email address that will appear on all Event and Member Billing Invoices
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