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2.1.30 is a major release. It focuses on upgrading underlying .NET version . This is required as we add more cutting edge features and integrations with more 3rd party applications. Major feature updates are also included along with a few minor usability improvements.

Framework enhancements

.Net Framework Upgrade: From 4.5 to 4.7.1

New features

Tab / Table Management: Each Terminal location can now have its own Floor plan
  • Club Admins can now set up each terminal location optionally with its own Floor Plan.
  • While creating a tab for a table the floor plan connected to to terminal location of the logged-in terminal will automatically open.
On Tee Sheet: Sequence preference of rack rates
  • Rack Rates can be set into a custom sequence under Rack Rate Management settings
  • The same Rack Rate sequence will be visible at the time of customer check-in or Reserving a Tee time
On Register – Add Wallet to Order
  • Customer wallets can be tied to an order while placing an order. these will be securely tokenized and stored
  • Although adding a Wallet to an order will not process any amount from that card, this stored wallet can be charged later.
  • Wallets stored against a tab can only be used to pay for that tab
  • Although POS operators will at this time manually key in the credit card, future enhancement will enable operators to swipe a card to start a tab with a wallet associated with it
Tips are now possible on orders paid with Keyed Cards through First-pay
  • POS operators and Servers can now apply Tips on orders paid with credit cards which are keyed in, just like any order paid through with a SWIPE or an EMV reader
  • The cards are tokenized using industry-standard encryption and directly sent to the payment provider. No customer data is sent to Club Caddie servers

Usability Improvements

Receipt Enhancement
  • Employee Name and Register info are also visible on soft receipts which were only visible on Print Receipts until now
Pull Tabs
  • In Pull Tabs, which are basically orders awaiting payment, orders can be searched by Server PIN and Name.
Tip manager
  • Data loading made significantly faster
  • Save now happens 30% faster
  • Lag reduced to prep the Ingenico reader. This is the time between credit card charge intent and when the reader is ready for the actual insertion of the credit card
  • Products/inventory in the register are displayed in alphabetical order within the category

Bug Fixes

Tab / Table Management
  • Bug related to tab names having incorrect table sequence after reopening addressed
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