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Version is a Major Release that is centered around Tee Times as Inventory, along with some enhancements to existing features.

New Features/Enhancements

Tee Times as Inventory
  • Users can now tie a Combo of a Green Fee and a Cart Fee to a particular Rack or Class Rate
  • —> This is done by creating a Service Item. This is done by going to Add Inventory and then selecting “SERV” as the type. This will open up a new field where you can select Green Fee or Cart Fee
  • —> Users can then create a Combo of the Green Fee and Cart Fee (NOTE: the Cart Fee will be a fixed rate – so the Rate cannot be sold for less than the price of the Cart Fee. If the Rate is higher than the Cart Fee, that money will be recorded as the Green Fee)
  • —> In Class/Rack Rate Management, users can click on “Edit” under the Action column –> “More” –> and assign the Combo of the Green Fee and Cart Fee. Then the Combo will officially be linked to that Rate
Register/Member Portal
  • Can now add Tips to Transactions that were paid using Custom Payment methods
  • When using Split/Divide Pay with Credit/Debit Cards, the Customer Receipts will show the Customer Name and the last 4 digits of the card used. This will also display when adding Tips.
  • Tips Summary Report now shows Service Charge by Employee
  • Course users now have an optional setting in Register Settings to assign orders to whatever employee is logged into the system. If no PIN is used to start a Tab or no employee is assigned to a Tab, the employee who is logged into Club Caddie will be associated with that Order
  • In the Member Portal, members can now see any Notes that were associated with an Order that was paid for using their Membership ID
Tee Sheet
  • Heat Map – Golf Outings, Golf Leagues, and all Blocks now show on the Heat Map
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