Club Caddie -

Version is an enhancement release of Club Caddie that focuses on improving the overall functionality of the system, particularly from the Member’s perspective and the Events Module.

New Features/Enhancements

  • Customers/Members
    • Individual Member Invoicing and Charging – Rather than a Club-wide Billing and Charge date – Members can have their own individual Invoice and Charge Dates. These dates can be set in the Member Profile
    • Paid/Unpaid Invoice Report – A new Report that will show every Invoice that has been issued for a given date range. This Report will show the Member Name, MembershipID, date of the Invoice, the Invoice Amount if it was paid or not, and when it was paid
    • Member Portal ACH Payments – Members can save an ACH Account to their profile, and then use that ACH Account to make one-time payments on their Account
  • Tee Sheet/Events
    • 27-Hole Rotation Schedule – Can now set a Rotation Schedule for 27-hole facilities through Settings –> Tee Sheet Settings –> Rotation Schedule. This Rotation Schedule will also push to the Online Booking Engine, allowing golfers to book into whatever 9 is playing as the 1st Tee for that day
    • Confirmation Emails can now be turned off by default through Settings –> Tee Sheet Settings
    • Duplicate Events – Can now Duplicate any Event in the Events Module, rather than creating a brand new Event for repeating Events
  • Register/Reports
    • Clock In/Out Report – Through Settings –> Payroll Center –> Payroll Summary, you can now see a clear total number of hours worked by every employee for a given period of time
    • Online Voucher Sale Confirmation Emails – now show the Voucher Number and the Amount of the Voucher
    • Different Tax on Service Charge – This is now controlled on the individual Item level, rather than on a Departmental level