Club Caddie - is a maintenance release. It focuses on usability improvements over Few bug fixes are also included.

New features

A new Tool in Register to look a voucher balance
  • Easy Credit Voucher lookup was added as another tool in Register. Balance can be looked up by keying in a gift voucher or a Refund Voucher number
Settings: Iframes Section
  • Web Iframe links which are the Tee Time and Event Booking Portal as well as links to the Member Portal are visible directly to the POS operators
  • Clicking on the link opens the website in the browser of their choice
Server names are now connected to tabs and shown
  • A. On the receipt sent to the kitchen for food orders.
  • B. On the bar printer receipt for drink orders.
  • C. On the customer receipt
  • D. When we right-click on the tab, it should show the server’s name.
  • F. In Tips Tips Manager, the server’s name is already connected to the order id so selecting a server name shouldn’t be necessary.
Member payment management enhancements
  • New insights are made easily accessible.
  • These are Last Invoice Date, Last Invoice Amount, Last Payment Date, Last Payment Amount, and current balance

Usability Improvements

General Enhancement
  • Application branding changed to Club Caddie GMS and is now Signed.
  • Settings are now alphabetized.
  • Emails will be fired to the course admin when an online booking is made
Tee Sheet
  • The receipt/order in which the booking is paid is now easily accessible from the booking window
Invoice Enhancements
  • Debits on a monthly membership Invoice are broken into Department wise spend totals
  • These can be used to charge for Club minimums in the future

Bug Fixes

  • Editing a Rack Rate is used to reset the search filter. This is now fixed
  • A failed and a successful FirstPay payment incorrectly showed multiple payments. Tips were not possible on such orders. This is now fixed
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