Club Caddie -

Version is an Enhancement Release with some minor improvements to existing features.

New Features/Enhancements

Credit Books/Vouchers
  • Credit Book Distribution – When issuing Credit Books, you can now add on to an existing Credit Book Voucher
  • Issuing Vouchers – When a Customer is assigned a Voucher, there will now be a popup showing all of the existing Vouchers that are associated with that Customer. Course Users will then be able to add the balance of one of those existing Vouchers
  • Depositing/Reloading Vouchers – when “Voucher Deposit” is selected from the Tools section of the Register, there is now a Search feature. This will allow Course Users to easily identify any existing Vouchers that a Customer has.
  • Course Users now have the ability to specify whether or not a Member has the capability of charging Transactions to the Membership ID. This is done on an Individual Member basis
Tee Sheet/Register
  • Overall speed/load time improvements when using Reports and the Tee Sheet
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