Club Caddie - is a minor release. It focuses on usability improvements over Several small bug fixes are also included.

New features

Membership Billing / Invoicing
  • The member’s section is present as a sub-module under Customers. Member List, Purchase History, Payment History & Payment Management are present in that module.
  •  Membership Invoices can now be downloaded directly from the POS. These Invoices show Credits and Debits to each account, along with the current remaining balance
Register Enhancements
  • “Save” and “Send” have been rearranged in the Register for usability convenience. Tabs can also be saved by right-clicking on the tab in the Register.
  • Tips Summary is now available to view under the Tools section of the Register, along with being available to view in the Reports section.
  •  When the Tools section of the Register is clicked on and shrunk, the tiles automatically drop down to make all tiles visible, as with the other sections of the Register.
  •  When Split Pay is used, all payment methods and amounts are shown on the receipt. In future releases, tips will be available to add on all credit/debit cards, membership IDs, and credit/refund vouchers.

Usability Improvements

General Enhancement
  • The crash from swiping a gift card incorrectly has been resolved.
  • Payment by Membership ID now syncs with QuickBooks.
  • Order refunds now sync with QuickBooks.
  •  An added line item to the Daily course summary Called Deposit. The Deposit line item shows the “Cash After Payouts, Tips & Refunds” +/- the “Variance”. The drop shows the amount of cash that the closer is actually depositing in the bank after the variance is taken into account.
Tee Sheet
  • The Golf League crash from QuickPay and Checkin has been resolved
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