Club Caddie -

Version is an enhancement release of Club Caddie that focuses on the Register and the Activities Module, highlighted by Leagues for Activities and enhancements to Tips Manager and Pull Tabs in the Register.

New Features/Enhancements

  • Register
    • Tip Sharing/Pooling – This new feature (“Share Tips Tool) in the Tools section of the Register allows Employees to declare Cash Tips and share Tips with other Employees. This can be done on a dollar or percentage basis
    • Tips Ledger – From within the Share Tips Tool, there is a section that shows every time a Tip was shared – either by or to – a given Employee
    • Pull Tabs Enhancement – When Pull Tabs is accessed via the Register, there is a new format to the popup. This new UI is easier to read, understand, and navigate
    • New Register Setting to only allow Refunds to be processed via the way that they were originally paid for
  • Activities
    • Leagues for Activities – Very similar to Golf Leagues, but for the Activities Module. You can create a Schedule for every week and specify a different Resource Type for that week
    • The Resource Name now pushes over as the Table Number in the Register when a Booking is Checked In
    • Formatting enhancements when viewing specific Resource Types and by Month/Week
  • Reports
    • Clock In/Out Report – Now shows each User’s Role
    • Tips Summary/Server Banking Summary Report bug fixes
    • Voucher / Awards Adjustments – Can now edit Vouchers (Departments, Customer information) and make Adjustments to Awards Balances
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