Club Caddie - is a maintenance release. It focuses on usability improvements over Winsparkle is chosen as the new update mechanism. Few bug fixes are also included.

New features

Winsparkle: New Automatic Update Mechanism
  • Microsoft ClickOnce was abandoned. Winsparkle was chosen as the new automatic updater.
  • The main reason was that ClickOnce installers were failing with 32-bit builds.
  • There are added benefits as Winsparkle uses the usual MSI and is not distributed as a separate App.
  • There is an ability to show release notes.
New Members Section
  • The whole customer section is now divided into 3 easy to use parts: Customers, Members, and CRM
  • Customers include active customers and Archived Customers
  • Members include the main members list and recent Purchase history and Payment history of all members which can be filtered through easily
  • Customer Group management and Campaign management are included in the CRM Section

Usability Improvements

Register Enhancement
  • Servers names are now visible on the right click of a Tab
  • Keyboards for adding/editing Tab names made larger, for easy presses on a smaller touchscreen
  • The tab Creation sequence changed. Delete tab added after 3 ways to create a tab
  • Order tabs can now be saved by right-clicking and choosing the new SAVE option
  • The ability to Add a tip as a line item in the order is now deprecated and has been removed from the register
  • The Finalization Date is now visible in the Payment section of an Event. This makes it easy to figure out if an Event has already been Finalized
  • On the Event Calendar, Online events show on the the date of the event, rather than for the whole signup Period.
  • The original Customer is now assigned to the Refund Order automatically
  • Card Info is shown on Receipts for orders where the card info is keyed in. This is in line with receipts for orders here the cards are swiped
Tee Sheet
  • Using the Add to Order Option which check-in in a tee booking is much more intuitive, The sequence and the order name exactly match the Order tabs in the Register
Invoice Enhancements
  • The opening Balance shown on the invoice
  • Credits and debits added on invoice
  • Email Website and phone differentiated in the top header
  • Date column added to invoice Lines

Bug Fixes

  • Bug solved where a kitchen send was crashing the App when a tab had no server names
  • Bug Solved where Archived Customers were visible in the Customer Groups
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