Club Caddie -

Version is an enhancement release of Club Caddie that focuses on improving workflows on the Tee Sheet and Starter Sheet, as well as introducing new features in the F&B Register and the Activities Module

New Features/Enhancements

  • Tee Sheet/Starter Sheet
    • Toggle between Tee Sheet Resources – On both the Tee Sheet and the Starter Sheet, you can now toggle between what Resources you are able to view (Front/Back/Middle 9’s)
    • Heat Map Tee Time Selection – When clicking on a Tee Time in the Heat Map, it will now automatically scroll to that Tee Time on the Tee Sheet/Starter Sheet
    • Showing Start/Turn/End Time and Cart Numbers on the Tee Sheet – This information will now show directly on the Tee Sheet, rather than having to hover over a Tee Time in order to see it
    • Turn Times Only Block – A new Block on the Tee Sheet. During this Block, only Turn Times will be able to be booked. No original Tee Times will be available to be booked
    • Starter Sheet Permissions – New Permissions in Settings –> Manage Roles for the Starter Sheet. Can now give permission for Users to be able to Edit Tee Times from the Starter Sheet (edit times, cart numbers, etc.)
    • Pro-Rated Rain Checks – When issuing a Rain Check for a Tee Time, there is now a dropdown for “Holes Played” that will automatically pro-rate the Rain Check
  • F&B Register
    • Clock In/Out Settings – 2 new Register Settings
    • —> Cannot start a Tab if a User is not Clocked In
    • —> Cannot Clock Out if a User has open Tabs – the User must either close out the Transactions or transfer them to another Employee
    • Employee Close-Out Report – This will give a summary of an employee’s Sales for the time that they were Clocked In. This Report will print when a User Clocks Out and is also viewable in the Payroll Center. This is a new Setting that needs to be enabled in Register Settings as well
    • KDS load and speed enhancements
  • Activities Module
    • Tying Instructors/Lessons to Resources – In Settings –> Activity Center –> Resource Type, there is a new option for “Dependent Blocks” – this allows you to tie a Resource to another. For example, if Instructor A gives lessons on Simulator Bay 1 only, you can tie that Simulator Bay to the Instructor. So any time a Lesson is booked with Instructor A, it will automatically block off Simulator Bay 1
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