Changelog -

New Features/Enhancements

  • Customer Portal I-Frame – A new I-Frame in Settings → I-Frames for “Customer Portal”. This gives regular Customers access to a dedicated portal where they can book/manage Tee Times, book/manage Activities, purchase Gift Cards, purchase Memberships, etc. On the Customer Portal, there is also an option to “Log in as a Member”, so there is no longer a need to have a separate portal for Customers and Members
  • MCO Customer Portal – Customers can now easily navigate other facilities within the MCO in the Customer Portal. There is now a dropdown in the top left corner of the Customer Portal where Customers/Members can select which course they want to select
  • Individual League Checkin using League Deposits – If there are League Deposits, rather than individual Player Deposits from the Roster, you can still check in individual Players for the League. You are able to either use the existing League Deposit or have the Player pay for themself individually
Online Tee Booking
  • Require Card for Reservations on Certain Days of the Week: 
    • For certain days of the week (e.g., Friday-Sunday or on holidays), a credit card can be held, or prepayment can be required. This requirement can be enabled in tee sheet settings.
      • To set up – Tee sheet settings > Tee Sheet settings > require CC to hold the tee time reservation toggled on > Require CC to hold tee time reservations for specific days > can select what days to apply this 
      • Settings > Class management > additional settings > require to hold tee time reservations for specific days = True > Require Credit card to hold specific days and check days to apply
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