Changelog -


  • Day End Closing
    • Now includes $2 in the bill counter.
  • Upcharge for “Extra” on Modifiers
    • Now, you can assign a specific upcharge price for when “Extra” is selected on individual Modifiers.
      • Settings – Inventory Center – Inventory Modifier Groups – Find the individual modifier and click action – view/edit – enter amount in “Extra Selling Price” column – click save.

Tee Sheet/Starter Sheet

  • Digital Cart Waivers – From the Starter Sheet, if a Cart Number is entered for a Tee Time, there will now be an optional Cart Waiver for the Golfers to sign on a Tablet device.
    • From Settings → Tee Sheet Settings, there is a text box for “Cart Agreement Receipt Input”. When text is added here, and a Cart Number is added on the Starter Sheet, there will be an available Cart Waiver for the Golfer to sign
      • There is also a Cart Agreement Report that will display all of the signed Cart Agreements
  • Rate Map – New Column for “Open Slots”
    • When using the rate map, you can see how many available slots there are per tee time.  If the 9:00 tee time has 2 players booked, the open slot column will display an availability of 2 for that specific tee time.
  • Starter Sheet Notes
    • Starter sheet can now have independent notes similar to the tee sheet.
      • Settings – Tee Sheet Settings – Starter Sheet Notes


  • Specific departments for instructions to post to BEO
    • Settings – Event Setting – Departments – Add – Select type of event – title the department
      • Example – Select Golf Outing from the dropdown menu – Type in “Grounds Crew” to create a custom department for instructions
  • Specified meal type options per event type
    • Settings – Event Setting – Meal Types – Add – Select type of event – title the meal type
      • Example – Select Banquet from the dropdown menu – Type in “Breakfast” to create a custom meal type
  • Event Timeline
    • Can now add timelines to events for certain actions
      • From the event, select the event timeline tab, then click add.  Type in the title of your scheduled timeline event (opening remarks), select the start date and start time, then end date and end time and click save.
  • Tying Menu/Add-on Items to a Timeline
    • With event timelines, you can now tie menu/add on items to a specific timeline.
  • New tab to save event remarks against and inventory item for menu or add-on’s
    • From settings – inventory center – add/manage items – find the item you wish to add remarks to and select view/edit.  At the top right, select the “Event Remarks” tab.  From there, you can add event remarks that will publish to the BEO when added to an event.
      • Example: “Banquet Breakfast Package” – the Event Remarks might say, “Includes buffet with eggs, bacon, toast, cereal, juice, and coffee”


  • Customer Portal Builder
    • There is now a portal similar to the member portal, but specific for customers.  Facilities with both members and customers will now be able provide a tailored online experience to their entire customer base.
  • Service Charge Exempt Toggle
    • In the register, you can now make a customer or member exempt from service charge with the Yes or No toggle. 
  • Member Invoice Enhancements
    • Ability to add custom text to member invoices.
      • Settings – Membership Settings – Invoice Footer Text
  • Member Invoice Enhancements
    • Ability to add a secondary email to an invoice.


  • Ability to search for an order using the last 4 digits of a credit card.


  • Barcode Scanning for Inventory Audits
    • From Settings → Inventory Center → Inventory Audit, you are now able to scan labels for Inventory Items and save those counts into an Inventory Audit with bluetooth barcode scanner. For those setting this up for the first time, remember that your computer must support Bluetooth or have a Bluetooth adapter for the scanner to connect. 
  • Multiple Job Roles for Employees
    • From Settings → Course User Info → Action dropdown – Select Manage Additional Roles. When an Employee with Multiple Roles logs into Club Caddie, there will be a selection in the upper left-hand corner of the application where they can select which Role they would like to log in with.
      • That Role will also be the default selection when using the Clock In/Out feature. 
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