Club Caddie -

Version is an enhancement release of Club Caddie that focuses on improving the overall functionality from the Customer/Member perspective.

New Features/Enhancements

  • Customers/Members
    • Member Portal – From within Membership Settings –> Member Portal Builder, there is a new option for “TeeSheet”. If this is added to the Member Portal, Members will be able to view the Live Tee Sheet and be able to see who else has booked a Tee Time for that day – and then book into their desired Tee Time
    • Customer/Member Profile – A few new data points have been added to the Customer Profile, including:
    • –> Prefix and Suffix
    • –> Nickname
    • –> An additional field for a phone number – so there are now fields for Mobile and Home phone numbers
    • –> The current Membership Balance now shows on the main screen of the Member Profile
    • –> From the Customer/Member Profile –> Directory Settings, you can now dictate what data points appear in the Directory
    • Mobile App Bookings – When Customers/Members are booking a Tee Time from the Mobile App, they can now search for and add other Customers/Members to their Tee Time
  • Register/Vouchers
    • Sign and Tip on Screen – When Sign and Tip on Screen is enabled for a Terminal, and a Transaction is completed using only a single Payment Method, there is now only one option for “Submit and Finalize” rather than having separate buttons for each
    • Online Voucher Sale –  When a Customer/Member is purchasing a Voucher online for someone else, there is now an optional checkbox to send a Confirmation Email to the Recipient. The Purchaser of the Voucher will still receive the Confirmation Email
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