Changelog -

Version is an enhancement release of Club Caddie that focuses on improving the overall speed and usability of the system

New Features/Enhancements

System Speed
  • Improved Speed of Club Caddie I-Frames – Drastically improved load times for every single Club Caddie I-Frame
  • Clover Processing speed enhancements – faster transaction processing times, more intuitive UI in the POS when signing and/or tipping on the clover hardware
  • Noteefy as a Channel Partner – From Settings → Tee Sheet Settings → Channel Partner Distribution, there is a new option for Noteefy. Additionally, from Settings → Rack Rate Management → Partner button, there is a new option for Noteefy. This would only be applicable for facilities that also use the Noteefy software solution
  • Top and Bottom Banners for the “View Live Tee Sheet” in Member Portal – From Settings → I-Frames → I-Frame Banners, there are new options for “Member Portal Tee Sheet Banner”. Any notes that are added here will show in the Member Portal → “View Live Tee Sheet” section
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