Club Caddie -

Version is mainly focused on Membership Minimums and Reporting with a few minor enhancements to other Modules.

New Features/Enhancements

Membership Minimums
  • Quarterly and Annual Minimums – These can be set up in Class Management. These Minimums are based on Departments in the Register (Food, Drinks, Pro Shop, etc.)
  • Tax is an optional setting as to whether or not it is included in the Minimum Spend
  • There is now a Ledger interface for the Minimums where the Effective and Billed Till Dates can be edited
  • On the Member Invoices, there is a new section showing the Minimum Spend Rules
  • GL Code Report – When searching for a date range in the GL Code Report, users can now show the total for each Chart of Account for that period of time in addition to seeing the total for each individual day
  • New Report showing which Members have a saved method of payment attached to their Member Profile
  • Custom Discounts – through Register Settings, users can create Custom Discounts (either a percentage or dollar amount) that will show in the Register
  • Hide Items in the Register – through Edit Inventory, the user can make any Inventory Item not visible in the Register
  • The search function in Split/Divide Pay for MembershipID
  • New Setting for “Void Window” – this is how many days back a Transaction can be Voided
Tee Sheet
  • There is now a popup asking course users if they want to send a Cancellation Email when a Tee Time is canceled
  • When “View/Edit” is selected for a given Tee Time, the booking popup will now show the Date/Time the Tee Time was created, as well as the Date/Time the Tee Time was canceled
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