Club Caddie -

Version has quite a few exciting New Features and Enhancements!

New Features/Enhancements

  • When using Split/Divide Pay, users can now add Tips to each form of payment. Individual Receipts will also be printed for each payment method
  • In Pull Tabs, users can now see which Employee initiated the Tab in the Register
  • When Items from one Tab are transferred to a new Tab, the PIN popup will appear so that the employee will be assigned to the new order
  • —> This only happens when the “Require PIN on Quick Tab” Setting is enabled
  • In the Sales Module, you can filter by Terminal Location to see only Sales from a particular Location
  • Inventory On-Hand Report can now be filtered by Department/Sub-Department/Category
  • —> Can also be filtered by Date
  • Aging Report can be filtered by a Date to show balances reflected as of the Date
  • Tee Time Booking and Cancellation Report
  • —> Shows when the Booking was made, what Tee Time it was made for, and when the Tee Time was Cancelled
Tee Sheet
  • Cart Icons appear for each Tee Time. If the Tee Time is booked for a Riding Rate, the Cart Icon will appear White. If the Tee Time is for a Walking Rate, the Icon will appear in Grey
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